Watch some of the live streams at the links. Police were shoulder barging folk, the usual tactics, pepper spraying, punching, clearly captured in the videos, witnessed by others … yet in fact they are a peaceful crowd. MSM however is giving the impression that things are quite the opposite. More are arriving however, there is word that some of the roads into Wellington have been blocked. TWNZ

CURRENT 12 FEB: https://www.facebook.com/ChantelleBakerNZ/videos/664649071347162/







UPDATE (10/2/22 6pm):

Friends, the world is watching what is happening in Wellington right now. 👀
They are witnessing shameful behaviour from the NZ police. 👮‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️
It is important during times of tension such as this to zoom right out and retain oversight of the mission. 🚀
Our goal is to push for public awareness of how vax mandates divide our nation, impact on New Zealanders' ability to work and provide for their families, and participate in life in general. 🛂🚫
Exclusion is not the Kiwi way.
The mandates need to be scrapped. 🗑
People are watching. They are engaged. Politicians are starting to make noises in this space.
They see that this is not a fringe minority. We have had some incredible wins this far! 🙌🏽
✅️Kiwis in their tens of thousands have stood up and spoken out - whether driving in cars, trucks or bikes in the convoy, standing on roadsides and on overbridges, or sharing on social media.
✅️ People have rallied around to supply food and water, toilets and support to those dedicated to the cause. THIS is the NZ we all know and love.
✅️ Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have seen us. They have seen the heart of this peaceful movement. They are beginning to understand we are many and we are standing for them.
✅️ The disgraceful behaviour of our politicians and police has been in full sight. They have seen the refusal of the MPs to come outside Parliament and listen to legitimate democratic protest. We have witnessed the completely unnecessary police brutality in the face of a peaceful stand.
✅️ Even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore us any longer.
✅️ National and Act have shown we have no true opposition in this government. All are captured. However, they have at least had to move to demand a timeframe to the end of the mandates.
✅️ Finally, we have seen ex MPs speaking up - Rodney Hide, Matt King and Winston Peters have been forthright in their condemnation of the government’s treatment of New Zealanders making a peaceful stand. Our voice and message IS being heard. Now is not the time to give up - it is time to think and act strategically. 🗺
So, what next? Those in Wellington are calling for support. People ARE legally permitted to gather on the streets surrounding the grounds, so if you are willing and able, let’s wrap our support around Wellington. 🫂 We are aware that there are more people planning to convoy down to Wellington from other parts of the country. If this is your plan, please be mindful of the situation you will be entering. Come prepared. Make sure you have somewhere to stay, food, water, and appropriate clothing. 🚗 🥪🚰🧥

Let’s continue to show the rest of the country, and indeed the world, that Kiwis are peaceful and dedicated in their stand for our freedoms! ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻



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