An article from Steve Snoopman Edwards:
What really happened with the Police arrests and leading up to in Parliament this week. Mainstream (as always) is not telling you the complete story. Here we have an independent eye witness account and dissection of the facts. TWNZ

On Tuesday 8 February at lunchtime, a convoy of approximately 2000 thousand vehicles arrived in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, to block the streets around the Parliament House and the Beehive, and to occupy grounds. The core demand to the Government from the outset has been to end the mandates on vaccine passports, vaccines as a condition of employment and the mask-wearing compliance rules. The occupiers at Camp Freedom have made it clear from the beginning that they occupy the grounds until the mandates are ended by the NZ Government.

In this account of the Parliament Occupation, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards contrasts what the NZ Police, Government, and Establishment Media claim with the documentary record, his own observations, and recollections of people who were on the front-line, or were close to action at Parliament Grounds, or watching the live-feed.

This report — which has been written from the same hotel hosting the out of town police for the operation — also provides context regarding why exactly the numbers swelled from 2000 at the peak on Thursday, to around 5000 on Friday afternoon and to around 7000 free range humans on Saturday afternoon. Despite the propaganda, I have met New Zealanders from all walks of life who have been impacted by the Government and business imposed measures, in various ways. And generally speaking, they have a good grasp of the gas-lighting inflicted by the global élite.


Thursday 10 February 2022: New Zealand Police attempted to break through a ‘frontline’, which formed as a predictable and reasonable response to an escalation in police numbers shortly after 8am.

Police acted on a letter composed by Trevor Mallard who as a creature known as the Speaker of the House has powers over Parliament and especially precious ones while the debating chamber is not in session. Mallard claimed the Freedom Camp occupiers breached rules which amounted to trespassing.

Mallard justified the arrests because it was claimed school children were intimidated for wearing masks, and local businesses were harassed. No evidence, affidavits or attempts to police the streets to mitigate such alleged encounters, appeared to have occurred. In fact, the lack of a police presence during the first two days of the occupation seems to a belie a strategic withdrawal of security.

Ironically, in 1977 Mallard was arrested during the SIS Protests at Parliament.

The motives, means and modus operandi under-pinning the police brutality of 10.2.2022 at Parliament Grounds have been spun to cast blame on the pro-liberty/anti-mandate occupation protesters.

However, the New Zealand’s government, police and media missionaries have yet to explain the facts on the ground truthfully.

Wellington Superintendent Corrie Parnell claimed 120 arrests were made. He also asserted that the police actions were a measured proportionate and fair response to alleged offences of trespass and obstruction.





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