This is very powerful. Sends goosebumps down the spine. The 'bear robbed of her cubs' Bible verse springs to mind.
Hands off our tamariki!

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 Your esteemed globalist / communist leader would have you believe all of NZ is champing at the bit to get jabbed with the experimental mRNA you know what. Is this why she is touring the remoter areas like Hunterville to raise some interest since crowds are not flocking as expected. Could be they've done a bit of reading for themselves, and listened to medical professionals like eminent world renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough? Or the 40 odd NZDSOS Doctors perhaps?

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The time worn tactic of dolleros. Our dear leader is dishing out funds to induce a jab response? So in military style effort money can be found to jab NZ citizens, obliging Big Pharma in their ongoing trials for the V that won't finish until 2023, but nothing much to house the 43K homeless? Who wins? Not NZ citizens anyway. Already 219 of them have passed on following the jab. Did you even know that death is one of the side effects listed by FDA?

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New Zealand's High Court Has Ruled Against New Zealand Government for Approving the Vaccine in it's In-term Hearing and Agrees that there Are Serious Questions to The Legality of the Vaccine so it Needs to be Investigated Further.

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About the mandates Kiwis. Chris Lind speaks from a Health and Safety Act perspective on strategies.

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NZ's lamestream media reports on a press conference in Northland where the folk are not too sucked in by the pressure to be injected with the untested, still trialing, mRNA experimental jab.

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Plank Of The Week with Mike Graham, Laura Dodsworth and Russell Quirk, talkRADIO | 26-Oct-21. Ardern wins... interesting observations. (VIDEO)

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COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield update the media 27 Oct 2021

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"Jacinda’s Dr Bloomfield says that only about 4% of those hospitalised were “vaccinated” but he omits to mention all those hospitalised had serious pre-existing conditions — and he also omits to mention the obvious that every case except 2 has recovered."

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A lamestream article that makes clear its standpoint as do all whore media ... nevertheless you will get the gist. Someone is daring to mention that the Princess has no clothes.

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"Late last night the widely anticipated “No Jab, No Job” Order was finally gazetted and circulated. (Two and half weeks after the first announcement from the podium.)"

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If you are a NZ midwife and wish to learn more about standing up to govt mandates, see video & info at the link ....

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"We did not believe it at first but we kept seeing reports. So, the NZDSOS science team investigated. This is our report. We have shared it with the authorities. "

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"Many thanks to our amazing team Kathryn Henry, Kirsten Murfitt, Dr Sophie Febery, Derek Gilbert and the Four Aviation Security Workers who had the courage and determination to challenge the NoJabNo Job law."

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Some excellent footage here from Voices for Freedom. Check out their other videos.

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Currently, we have a number of groups of people, such as teachers and those in the healthcare sector, who are unaware of their legal rights. The key is to get good legal advice and to form support groups with others in your industry.

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