Recently announced Government Mandates require that all operational personnel - either Voluntary or Career Staff, are required to be vaccinated, in order to continue to work in the roles identified. Careers and livelihoods are at stake, and people are having to choose between their work, or accepting an experimental vaccine that has only received provisional consent.
This is not right. We invite you to join us saying NO to this mandate.

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Firefighters in Orange County, Florida, say they are responding to calls from large numbers of people with COVID-19 vaccine injuries, but central Florida hospitals say that’s not true.

So who is telling the truth? A local TV station decided to follow up after listening to firefighters’ comments in a county commission meeting.

"On a daily basis, dispatch receives an excessive amount of 911 calls regarding vaccine reactions," firefighter Jason Wheat told the commissioners. Another first responder, Wendy Williams, added, "I transport more people, more Central Florida brothers and sisters, that are vaccinated with issues, adverse reactions or with COVID than I do unvaccinated."

Yet, when asked about it, Dr. Tim Hendrix with AdventHealth Centra Care said it’s “a very safe vaccine" and denied seeing increased reactions or visits to the emergency room. Orlando Health, on the other hand, refused to answer the question directly, instead giving a generic comment supporting the use of the vaccine.

When the TV station asked to see 911 call records, they were told they were not available because they don’t classify incoming calls.

SOURCE: KOAT September 17, 2021

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