Your esteemed globalist / communist leader would have you believe all of NZ is champing at the bit to get jabbed with the experimental mRNA you know what. Is this why she is touring the remoter areas like Hunterville to raise some interest since crowds are not flocking as expected. Could be they've done a bit of reading for themselves, and listened to medical professionals like eminent world renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough? Or the 40 odd NZDSOS Doctors perhaps?

See here a collation of images and videos of the evidence:

Hunterville apparently never got visited at all... word of similar response to Whanganui's I heard. Listen in particular to the Whanganui footage. The crowd of around 100 lamestream reported. (Lies). 'Hostile' they also reported which could not be further from the truth. This was a peaceful protest to the music of Marley's 'Freedom'. People know their rights & freedoms are being stripped. 'Hands off our tamariki'. Folk know they are coming for the children. The babies. Check out this powerful video on that topic: the Mothers Freedom Rally in Wellington.
There have been more protests throughout NZ. I've not included them all.

ROTORUA: (video link below image)

rotorua protest oct 21



CHRISTCHURCH: (video link below image)

christchurch protest oct 21


waitangi hikoi of truth oct 21

WHANGANUI:(video link below image, thanks Tina Jae)... does this look like 100 people? according to lamestream it was!

protest whanganui 3 nov 21

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