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Dr Emanual Garcia, an early member of NZDSOS and even an earlier questioner of the covid narrative has been at the receiving end of what appears to be unlimited over-reach by the MCNZ (Medical Council of New Zealand) to ensure a single narrative.

Is the New Zealand government directing the MCNZ, a supposedly independent body, to enforce a singular medical narrative? Maybe. However, even more sinister it seems MCNZ is associated with and perhaps answers to the FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) and the IAMRA (International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities). We do not know much about these organisations but we do know that the FSMB is not a government organisation and therefore not subject to the now well watered-down checks-and-balances of democracy. Instead it appears to be a private organisation with unknown funding, possibly directing the MCNZ in its persecution of doctors.

Questions About the MCNZ and Its Association Need to be Asked

Why is the MCNZ associated with the FSMB? Did the NZ government oversee this, if not, should they look into it? Why were no doctors (until last month when the FSMB was mentioned in a newsletter) informed about the MCNZ’s relationship with the FSMB? If the FSMB and the IAMRA are working closely together as they appear to be, what is their relationship? Are these agencies tools to further an agenda too terrible to think about?

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God’s Own Country

One of my favourite books read whilst at Christchurch Teachers College was “Cry The Beloved Country” by Alan Paton. A 1948 novel about the trials and tribulations in pre-apartheid South Africa. It poignantly mourns the loss of the stability offered by traditional tribal ties as the economic and social alienation of blacks takes root in the cities.

In 1980 New Zealand was still referred to as Godzone, a derivation of reforming Premier Richard Seddon’s turn of the century vision. ‘Godzone’ cherishes the ideal of a free caring society set in pristine nature. Whether this was ever fully true doesn’t really matter, it was something to aim for and be proud of. It celebrated our aspiration to be an inclusive, kind, and freedom-loving society.

The End of the Dream

Stuff Newspaper, famously sold for $1 in May 2020, is now generously funded by the New Zealand government to stuff us in their words full of “The Whole Truth”. Today Stuff published an article entitled “NZSO musician with anti-mandate ties seeking council seat”.

This is just another in a series of Stuff articles attacking anyone who opposed government Covid vaccine mandates, but for me it signals the end of the Godzone dream.

The assistant principal viola in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Nicholas Hancox is standing in the upcoming local body elections, but he is not welcome to do so. His crimes as detailed by the Arts Correspondent of Stuff are as follows:

  • An orchestra colleague accused Hancox of wearing a “Freedom-affiliated T-shirt” to a chamber music rehearsal.
  • Hancox sent an email to his NZSO colleagues in December in which he linked various articles from scientific journals which questioned the safety and effectiveness of mRNA vaccination.
  • Symphony orchestra publicist Tom Cardy described NZSO as ‘nonpolitical’ (??) but linked Mr Hancox’s criticism of mRNA vaccination to the government’s Covid-19 policies and said NZSO staff must refrain from “any act, omission, or statement that may detrimentally affect the goodwill or reputation” of the orchestra. Cardy also said “employees should not do anything that could compromise or be seen to compromise the NZSO’s ability to retain the Government’s confidence”.
  • Hancox made a submission to Parliament opposing the Covid-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill. Stuff describes such actions as part of an effort to make New Zealand ‘ungovernable’.

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injection and money

Shared on social media is a newspaper article from detailing the 'incentives' used to coerce folk into getting jabbed. It is cited by a Facebook user who identifies Voices For Freedom as the source:

"An article in a local paper describes how much money was spent on incentives to get people to get vaccinated in Hawkes Bay.  Over $900,000 was spent in the region coercing citizens to get an injection (that still has only provisional consent and for which the clinical trial is not yet complete) that many neither wanted nor needed.  Swathes of freebies (not really free, our tax money was used) including overseas holidays were offered to citizens! How is this remotely appropriate? This is the antithesis of ethical medicine. It is practising medicine by bribery and corruption. This is not even the practice of medicine. It is frankly despicable. The prescription and administration of pharmaceutical medicine should only occur in the context of a personal doctor-patient relationship without bribery or the interference of government.
Is it too late to reclaim ethical medicine?"

TWNZ comment: indeed bribery was used widely especially at the beginning of the rollout. Sausage sizzles, ice creams, KFC vouchers, cash, vaxathons, grocery vouchers (used notably in poor districts) and more. See the Hawke's Bay article below...

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… and give us a glimpse into their enforcement methods.

Last week the government called for mask wearing to be enforced in New Zealand schools. Many schools have apparently decided to punish students who do not wear masks.

Asked whether she was happy that schools punished students who did not wear masks, Ardern ducked the question, denied the mandate, passed the buck, and still managed to appear happy for students to be punished. Ardern said:

“We are really open minded on this issue [???]. We in fact went back multiple times to education and health and said that ‘look if you believe we should bring that mask mandate back we are happy to do that. Whatever you think is going to be in the best interest of our learners, our schools, and our health outcomes’. They came back to us and said we should strongly encourage their use but we should still allow schools to implement the policies themselves. That’s where we have landed….We have not said mask wearing is compulsory, but we are strongly encouraging it.”

Watch the full interview here. There is plenty of spin but not a lot of ambiguity. Principals have been given a green light to dust off the detention book.

Some schools are giving students detention either during lunchtime or after school (the modern equivalent of writing out “I will wear my mask” a thousand times) which translates into loss of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and sports.

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two nz police in uniform with insignia

Co-leader of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party, Donna Pokere Phillips,  has spoken out on her social media page, raising red flags about how this operation took place.

THE EVENTS: yesterday in NZ "six North Island schools were either thrust into lockdown or evacuated following threats made towards the schools over the phone". NZ Herald

Read more at the link:

To provide some historical background on bomb scares in NZ, in 2016, 27 bomb scares were experienced here, and another in 2021:

This topic has of late begun to concern NZ parents however… due to the stated possibility of 'detainment for 72 hours' of children who will not be allowed contact with their parents until the go ahead is given.

The following information appeared recently on the Min of Education's website. Screenshots and link below:

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Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio Under House Arrest

Jul 3, 2022 Nukunonu, Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio has been placed under house arrest for the last 11 months and there seems to be no end in sight. Mahelino and many others are restricted in every area of their life. He is not allowed to go anywhere. Not even allowed to go fishing.

This is unforgivable from the Council and governing bodies of Tokelau. They have way over-extended their powers.

Please share this story as far and wide as you can and send this interview to as many Mainstream Media outlets as possible (, Stuff, RNZ, Newshub and more).

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Something that is not widely known is that the New Zealand drugs regulator Medsafe has allowed Kiwi kids to be injected with a different formulation of the Pfizer product than the one that safety studies were supplied for, says The Hood’s Sereca Friend.

Friend, who founded the collective of parents, doctors, scientists and concerned citizens that is facilitating taking the Government to court over the approval of the Pfizer jab for five-to-11 year olds, says Pfizer produced the safety studies for the first formulation but then supplied an altered formula.


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The Covid-19 Vaccine Could Not Have Been Independently Tested, Contrary To What Dr Bloomfield Said

A OIA that NZDSOS obtained revealed that the capability of independent testing of the vaccine does not exist in New Zealand.

NZDSOS (New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science), have revealed through a OIA (Official Information Act) that Dr Ashley Bloomfield (former Director General of health) was mistaken about the supposed “independent testing” of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Twitter avatar for @nzdsosNZDSOS – NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science @nzdsos

On Friday 12 Feb 2021, Dr Ashley Bloomfield stated all Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccines would be independently tested as another important safety check. In an Official Information Act (OIA) request answered on Tuesday 31 May 2022, the MOH states that no independent testing exists in NZ.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield claimed on the 12th of February 2021 that “On arrival, the vaccine will be independently tested for quality assurance, which is another important safety check”, But the OIA (dated 31 May 2022) from the Ministry Of Health says that the capability to independently test the vaccine does not currently exist in New Zealand.



Photo: HakanGERMAN @

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shadow image of Ardern at pc

Hatchard Report
Jacinda Ardern, who has escaped the continuing restrictions in New Zealand to visit Europe and speak at NATO, has met with her counterparts in France and Spain to suggest a global alliance to combat disinformation.

Ardern spoke to them about the New Zealand capital grounds riot and played to her gullible audience by suggesting the threat to social cohesion and public health in New Zealand society was originating in Russia and might result in war.

Ardern has had talks with President Macron which reportedly included disinformation. I am not sure that the events in Wellington would have qualified as a riot in France.

There were no Molotov cocktails of the kind you see in the frequent French protests, mostly people were playing music, engaging in conversations, and enjoying camping out, whilst standing up for their rights—something legally allowed in New Zealand.

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Sue Grey Lawyer

Events behind the first High Court challenge of the NZ PfizerVax approval and rollout.
Hearing date May 12, 2021


For more information:


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Richard Prosser MP in NZ Parliament

Former NZ First MP, Richard Prosser has died. Our condolences to his family and may he rest in peace.

Much discussion has ensued as Richard was a truther, and speaking out a great deal about where NZ is heading. He was also a strong advocate for the banning of the environmental poison 1080, said to be saving the birds.

Richard wrote this powerful message to us all, from England, on 16 May, 2021. A year later is it not all ringing very true? :

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covid vax center nz

From Health Forum NZ @ MeWe


Meanwhile our vaccine injured are in total desperation.

Casey has had to put out a public fundraising call for a new wheelchair

Other of our vaccine injured are thousands of dollars in debt now as they seek healing with no ACC support.


NOTE: Citizens register for post-vax deaths now at 439 for NZ

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police_id_concealed via Mark Crispin Miller:
In the early hours of the morning of 2 March 2022 - in a police action that will go down in infamy in our history, and which has severely undermined public trust in New Zealand’s police - they descended upon the peaceful people while they were sleeping. There were hundreds of them and the majority had their badge numbers concealed with masking tape.

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We Live in a Very Dangerous World

The Hatchard Report: "The development of engineered mRNA and DNA vaccines for multiple illnesses is surging ahead."

"There are no winners in war, but very shortly our government may try to divert our attention towards conflict and away from Covid, as has happened in much of the world. Rightly, we are sorry for Ukrainian citizens and we should have compassion. No doubt the international production and trade in weapons needs to be stopped. Modern youth know they are citizens of the whole world, and feel kinship with people everywhere. Despite this, the attempt to take over our health system will not stop."

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  • Jacinda Ardern has acknowledged that cost of living is at 'crisis' levels
  • Comes  just days after she failed to call it a crisis after being quizzed by reporters
  • The government is considering tax cuts to the price of fuel as a solution (conceded now as at this week ending 19 March TWNZ)
  • Cost of living in NZ has risen due to inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war
    Daily Mail Australia

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New Zealand Takes the Fifth: 

"We are asking a lot of questions of our government, but not receiving many answers. Has Parliament decided to 'take the fifth? The curious lack of public dialogue, the refusal to meet protestors, and Ardern's famous dictum that 'the government is your only source of truth', all point in this direction."

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The health care system is struggling under its hypocrisy, banning healthy unvaccinated health care workers while the vaccinated spread Sars-Cov-2. NZDSOS Doctors

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"There is a lot of confusion around these days, not the least of which is the hiding of key data by the government and the obfuscation by mainstream media of what little data is released. Aside from the very disturbing impact of pandemic regulations on child mental health, what I also found interesting was the fact that the Ministry of Health was able to supply Dr. Reti with specific information about how the incidence of a single condition has changed since the pandemic began. It is surprising how the incidence of other conditions has not also been released for public scrutiny such as for example the incidence of heart disease and cardiac events. Well never mind, we are getting used to living in a secretive totalitarian state." Hatchard Report

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Riot cops used gas and fists to clear Parliament grounds of peaceful protesters—and "our free press" MAKES UP scenes of mob violence AGAINST the cops ... Mark Crispin Miller

Check out the gap between the media’s propaganda and what really happened yesterday [recently] in Wellington; then ask yourself if there are any US/Western “news” reports that any thinking person can believe.

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And yes it would have to end this way, not the first time, remembering Parihaka, Rua Kenana, Bastion Point more recently. Those evictions most did not even know about. The Crown always will squash any resistance to their official narrative... as night follows day. Indigenous were resisting it long ago. World wide. They are coming for everybody now. TWNZ



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