Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio Under House Arrest

Jul 3, 2022 Nukunonu, Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio has been placed under house arrest for the last 11 months and there seems to be no end in sight. Mahelino and many others are restricted in every area of their life. He is not allowed to go anywhere. Not even allowed to go fishing.

This is unforgivable from the Council and governing bodies of Tokelau. They have way over-extended their powers.

Please share this story as far and wide as you can and send this interview to as many Mainstream Media outlets as possible (, Stuff, RNZ, Newshub and more).

We must bring Kiwis attention to this unbelievable abuse of Human Rights and demand freedom for all residents in Tokelau.

- Community Comms Collective Website for Mainstream Media Contact Information:

- List of Members of Parliament to contact:

- To get a reference on how small the atoll of Nukunonu, Tokelau is, see these visuals:



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