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Co-leader of the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party, Donna Pokere Phillips,  has spoken out on her social media page, raising red flags about how this operation took place.

THE EVENTS: yesterday in NZ "six North Island schools were either thrust into lockdown or evacuated following threats made towards the schools over the phone". NZ Herald

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To provide some historical background on bomb scares in NZ, in 2016, 27 bomb scares were experienced here, and another in 2021:

This topic has of late begun to concern NZ parents however… due to the stated possibility of 'detainment for 72 hours' of children who will not be allowed contact with their parents until the go ahead is given.

The following information appeared recently on the Min of Education's website. Screenshots and link below:



 Min of Education link:

Communicable diseases in early learning services and schools: a guide to legal powers

The proviso there saying that the authorities have the ability 'to apply for court orders such as for treatment' rings alarm bells. We have seen in the past two years that treatment for the current health concern of covid has been solely the experimental mRNA injection that many have declined. Donna raises this concern in her live video, citing the many deaths and injuries following the administration of that procedure with failure by the government to investigate them, in spite of requests by NZ citizens. So the obvious question to be asked here is, will detainment of our children include applying for court orders to jab them? In some cases against parents' wishes? We do know also that 12 Year olds can give their consent anyway. I personally find this path of action that is materializing a bit disturbing.

Further, in respect of rights and freedoms, during the current lockdowns cited, in one school, all bags and phones were placed in the school and left there so students, as stated in the documentation, were unable to contact parents. Who do frightened children want most to be near in such an emergency? How traumatizing could this whole scenario be?

Finally, concern for many NZ parents had already arisen with the earlier announcement of drills proposed for August 9th, as outlined here in a letter sent out by Rangitoto College (note the last paragraph):

1b.Rangitoto College drills 9 aug and masks in school

Yesterday however, ahead of the said drills, it was alleged by the authorities that there'd been a bomb scare on no less than 6 schools.

As someone has highlighted … what person planning to bomb a school, phones ahead with a heads up? Something to ponder.

 Below are some of the comments made by parents of pupils at one of the schools concerned.

 school detainment1

school detainment2a

school detainment3


Donna Pokere Phillips who has weighed in on this, posted a livestream commentary on her social media page. She had had many calls and messages from concerned parents regarding the scares. One point of concern was that in one school, a parent said that Māori children were ushered into the school hall, whilst Pakeha children were allowed to go home with their parents.

This is very concerning.

The fact also that parents were not allowed to reach their children is of great concern. One parent who did try was said to be escorted off the school grounds. Neither could parents live stream what was happening, their phone capability to do so was somehow blocked unless they were filming from outside the school grounds. This surely is an invasion of human rights.

Below is a link to Donna's korero on topic. I've supplied a summary of points and comments below for those who are pressed for time. I would urge you however to listen to the entire video if you can, and be prepared accordingly:


(TWNZ comments italicized and in brackets)

5 MINS 10 SEC: (Correction) There were in fact 6 schools highlighted yesterday with evacuations and/or lockdowns (the headline of 27 is from 2016).

8.52 a mother who had two children at one of the schools said the children were ushered onto the field, while some parents were allowed to take their children home. A lot of the Pakeha parents were allowed to do this. All the children had to leave their bags and their phones inside the school and were ushered to the field.

Māori children were ushered back into the hall.

The question posed is, if there was a bomb scare why were they ushered back into the hall? And why were Pakeha parents allowed to take their children? This particular parent was there & did not get access to her children.

10.30 mentions the 27 bomb scares from 2016

11.35 questions, why since 2016 has no bomb squad or similar been formed for these occasions?

11.58 Refers to a bomb scare in Cambridge last year

12.14 Given yesterday's occasion was not the first time, was this an orchestrated hoax? Because of the reaction by the Police … why would they not just send the kids home to safety? And why detain the Māori children? (This is a very important question … what was their rationale for that?) … understandably a big concern of Māori parents who contacted Donna yesterday.

12.55 was this a proxy false flag?

13.15 The parents also said their phones were blocked from doing a live recording at the school. They could only record off the school grounds. (So the authorities have the capability of blocking your phone's capabilities).

14.11 Police said there is not serious safety risk to the phone threats. But, we've had 27 threats in the past … what is the Govt doing about these threats?

15.13 info on MOE website about communicable diseases explained. A guide to legal powers.

19.17 continuing on MOE site… the possibility of applying for court orders for treatment of your 'detained' child. 72 hour detention orders. (A red flag. We know that the only treatment recommended for covid is the experimental mRNA injection that has already preceded many injuries and deaths).

19.39 Are our schools going to be used as detention centers? This govt has a lot to answer for.

20.47 How are they investigating the threat? How was it possible for the media to put out a press release of 'no risk' at the same time that the event was in motion? Simultaneously. Concerns raised about not only the Health system but now the Education system.

22.12 Is this a drill for things to come?

23.50 partners of teachers who made contact with Donna saying there was a bell rung but they were in the dark as to what was happening. It was complete chaos apparently.

28 This all happened the day after Donna sent a letter with concerns to her own kura, about lockdowns and about the MOE's page.

30.27 the need to not be fearful but also to be vigilant about this. There's been much trauma of late with the mandates, loss of whanau post Vaccine injuries… is this murder by state, especially if they're not going to investigate?

31.40 the blocking of a parent from doing a live recording, the Māori children detained on site whilst Pakeha children were able to be taken home & the Police playing this down. Too many red flags, too many coincidences, teachers saying it was utter chaos (in which case schools need to sort their systems out)

32 a major concern is the violation of rights contained in the Bill of Rights by government. They are refusing to investigate vaccine injuries and deaths so they are compliant and complicit with murder. Murder by state at the end of the day. It is a genocide. Too many iwi, providers have been complicit with this murder.

34.39 Press release from Te Pāti Māori read out & commented on (Donna's comments in brackets): "Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer is calling on the government to listen to large outcry of concern from tangata whenua" -

(listen to this concern … people are dying … people have died, & you have a responsibility to me and our whanau for the death and injuries of our whānau. So I get that, hard words when it comes to data information, what about our lives? You need to step up … you're in Parliament, you need to do something, this is murder by state. If you don't stand up and you don't do something you're on the wrong side of history).

"Data experts and civil liberties advocates about the Data and Statistics Bill and immediately halt its passage in the House. The government needs to slow down and not progress this Bill any further until it has the active consent and support of tangata whenua and the concerns of experts are addressed. The Bill as currently worded must not be allowed to proceed said Ngarewa-Packer. Under the Bill the government can obtain any data from anyone and the distinctions between using it for producing official statistics and for unspecified research are deliberately blurred."

36.38 (And this has been happening for a long time. They don't actually need a bill to do because they've been blurring the statistical and data line for a long time. Look at all the statistics and data on Medsafe. They've ignored it.)

Continuing "Previous statutory protections on not obtaining data from various sources are removed. It will place a dangerous amount of power in the hands of a single government official -

(hello, hello! Dr Bloomfield! …)

"and can be delegated not just to any other public servant but even the contractors working for govt departments" ...

(...hello this has been happening since the roll out Pāti Māori, just stating … lives are more important than data … people have been vaccine injured and will never be the same again...) (Donna describes post-vx injuries and deaths experienced by members of her whānau).

Continuing: "It will place a dangerous amount of power in the hands of a single government official who will decide what data is collected and who other data is shared with no ethical or governance oversight. The powers of this official can be delegated not just to any other public servant but even the contractors working for the govt departments. The NZSIS will be able to use those powers to gather data without legal warrant".

39.37 further about the impact on tangata whenua

39.51 Word of a Sean Plunket interview with Maurice Williams on topic.

41.40 Another interesting document to look at is 'The Gradual Collapse of Jacinda's NZ' by Michael Bassett. Michael worked under Norman Kirk's Labour Party, a progressive party. This is an opinion piece about the collapse of Jacinda Ardern's government. Snr Ex Labour MP.

46.25 They are disempowering parents. That is not democracy it is dictatorship. It's tyrannical & needs to be stamped out. A call to vigilance.

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If you have any further information to add to this regarding your own experience, please contact us at the contact page. Your anonymity is assured if required. We do not wish to fear monger ... it is just better to be prepared than caught unawares.
We will add more info as it comes to light.


WHO now deems your child’s presence in school as informed consent to vaccinate them (it’s called ‘implied consent’)

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