• Jacinda Ardern has acknowledged that cost of living is at 'crisis' levels
  • Comes  just days after she failed to call it a crisis after being quizzed by reporters
  • The government is considering tax cuts to the price of fuel as a solution (conceded now as at this week ending 19 March TWNZ)
  • Cost of living in NZ has risen due to inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war
    Daily Mail Australia

Jacinda Ardern has finally declared New Zealand's cost of living a 'crisis', just days after she downplayed the situation. 

It comes after fed-up Kiwis have labelled her 'out of touch' after she failed to declare a cost of living 'crisis' last week, despite the cost of living rising by 5.2 per cent for the average household within a year.

When asked if the country was experiencing a crisis last Wednesday, Ms Ardern said: 'I wouldn't describe it that way'.




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