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Shared on social media is a newspaper article from detailing the 'incentives' used to coerce folk into getting jabbed. It is cited by a Facebook user who identifies Voices For Freedom as the source:

"An article in a local paper describes how much money was spent on incentives to get people to get vaccinated in Hawkes Bay.  Over $900,000 was spent in the region coercing citizens to get an injection (that still has only provisional consent and for which the clinical trial is not yet complete) that many neither wanted nor needed.  Swathes of freebies (not really free, our tax money was used) including overseas holidays were offered to citizens! How is this remotely appropriate? This is the antithesis of ethical medicine. It is practising medicine by bribery and corruption. This is not even the practice of medicine. It is frankly despicable. The prescription and administration of pharmaceutical medicine should only occur in the context of a personal doctor-patient relationship without bribery or the interference of government.
Is it too late to reclaim ethical medicine?"

TWNZ comment: indeed bribery was used widely especially at the beginning of the rollout. Sausage sizzles, ice creams, KFC vouchers, cash, vaxathons, grocery vouchers (used notably in poor districts) and more. See the Hawke's Bay article below...


vax incentives in nz


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