"Dr Bernard Conlon of the Murupara Medical Center is under being investigation by the Medical Council for making public remarks at a Māori health expo in August, where he questioned “informed consent” for children and pregnant women regarding the Covid-19 Pfizer 'vaccine'."
"The fear about the pandemic has morphed into an ugly kind of bullying originating at the government level, said Dr Conlon. "

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 NZ's new apartheid system rolling out as we speak. 'Be kind' says the esteemed leader. Really? ....

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Time to open your eyes and see how stupid current requirements are..

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Whilst "St John is confident it can continue to deliver all its services after 314 paid staff and volunteers left their roles as a result of the Covid-19 vaccination mandates" you'd have to wonder given this wonderful service is run largely by volunteers. That is a lot less staffing. Back in July this year there was word of an overloaded service. And in 2020 they were on strike, unheard of before, the article explains.  TWNZ

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Where to spend your dollars? This is from the Health Forum NZ. PB Tech announces in-store sales are for the vaxxed only. Not a legal requirement, however this store has opted to exclude the unvaxxed who are only able, if they wish to shop there, to purchase via click and collect. A clue to this direction in this comment from Jason Rawles on another thread:
"I presume PB Tech wants to align itself toward the tracking / tracing tech boom that will/is occur/ing with big government contracts up for grabs…" 

No thanks PB Tech. TWNZ

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"Pastor Carl Bromley of the Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship in Christchurch says Ardern has crossed the line of respect between church and state. Ardern’s socialist-fascist regime is also trying to silence another high-profile and outspoken pastor, Brian Tamaki, who has been loaded with onerous bail conditions on charges of breaching so-called health orders by running a protest rally."

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From the Health Forum NZ at MeWe. Examining the strange case of how vaccinations came to be scheduled for children and youth.

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"Political circus continues as media fails to report on the passing on govt’s draconian legislation. I cannot even find a news report to tell me the status of this Bill, being passed under urgency, with no public consultation, no media oversight in a Parliament so dominated by the Labour Party that there is no effective opposition."

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"How bad do things have to get before Kiwis wake from their COVID coma? ...This hastily proposed law is called the COVID-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Bill. These new vaccine mandates will now cover 40% of the New Zealand workforce including hospitality, events, gatherings, close-contact businesses and gyms. And watch out if you’re a business that doesn’t toe the party line…you’ll cop a $15,000 fine."

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"I have a lot of respect for your past investigative journalism, humanitarian efforts and work redacting documents for Wikileaks, however I must ask you to CEASE AND DESIST labelling protestors; 'anti-vax', 'white supremacists' and 'fundamental christians’. It smacks of desperation."

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The NZ Medical Council states clearly that no unvaxxed patient can be denied appropriate medical treatment. Lynda Wharton from the Health Forum NZ discusses your rights as a patient, according to the Medical Council.

Lynda says in the video that she receives dozens of emails weekly saying that patients have indeed been refused treatment because they've not received the CV VX! Be aware of your rights. Lynda reads out part of the letter sent to all Medical Practices in NZ. If you're a member of the Forum, comments reveal a lot about how so called Medical Doctors are treating the unvaxxed. One pregnant woman, before even mentioning the reason for her visit was told she could be vaxxed right then. She left.

Quote below from the MOH's documentation: PDF DOWNLOAD

nz ministry of health position statement on the management of unvaccinated individuals in hejpg


garage examination nz




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    There are some positive signs but the dangers far outweigh any gains.
    All of the branches of government (executive, Parliament , judiciary and media) are lined up in a battle against the People

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One of our readers has kindly done a bit of homework for us in drawing forth many notable yet difficult to find submissions from the haystack so to speak, thanks to the esteemed Enzed Government.

Despite just 12 calendar (8 working) days, from the Bill's first reading on 29 September 2021 to the deadline ... Monday 11 October, around 15,500 .. Kiwis... managed to put their concerns down in writing. ...  By way of comparison, the recent Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill, which would seem to affect a small minority of young New Zealanders, but which had 5 weeks in which to make submissions, attracted a total of 41,900 submissions."

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If you are a double jabbed Kiwi, please read this plea from the heart from your un-jabbed fellow Kiwis. Our nation’s future depends on it.

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By Steve Edwards.
This letter calls on the MEDSAFE NZ to embargo the paediatric version of the Pfizer Comirnaty mRNA COVID-19 vaccine with a due diligence moratorium, rather than rubber stamp Pfizer’s application, since its role is to determine the safety of pharmaceutical medicines for New Zealand’s Ministry of Health.

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OIA request from NZ's esteemed Ministry of Health admitting Pfizer did not measure transmission as an outcome in their trials. All the while folk are being brutally coerced into complying with the NZ govt mandates ... "get the vaccine!!" to stop infection & transmission. (That should really read "experimental mRNA injection" by the way.) Can you see surely, that this is not really about your health?

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Lamestream, true to form, estimated the 50K  Wellington gathering as 3K! They need to return to school & learn how to count.

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NZ's PM Ardern's government announced on 5 November 2021, major funding of millions of dollars to iwi for the involvement of the military in the rollout of the experimental mRNA injection to (reluctant) Whanganui Māori.

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"The record shows that the New Zealand Government made assurances prior to the 2020 election that it would not mandate vaccines at all. This derogation, or severe diminishment in inalienable rights, by the NZ’s Government is consistent with the forging a new class system that appears to privilege the vaccinated
as Ardern admitted recently to The New Zealand Herald."  Steve Snoopman Edwards

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