NZ's PM Ardern's government announced on 5 November 2021, major funding of millions of dollars to iwi for the involvement of the military in the rollout of the experimental mRNA injection to (reluctant) Whanganui Māori.

The involvement of military that I have seen thus far in various countries assisting with the rollout, has been the accompanying of vax teams, standing by in military uniform. More on that later.

This announcement was interesting timing, given November 5th 1881 is also the 140th anniversary of the military invasion of nearby Parihaka in the Taranaki (that for years few of us knew about because the historians managed not to include it in our history books). The 'crime' of these people was declining to sell their lands.

Dr Danny Keenan describes that era at his Land Wars website … that Parihaka, established by Te Whiti O Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi, had become a place of refuge during the early 1860s as Māori land was being wholesale confiscated by the government. Many were forced to relocate and many were arrested and sent to the South Island without trial, many to die there. The ransack of the village by the military involved rape, murder and plunder, described in books written in more recent decades by Hazel Riseborough, Dick Scott and others.

You can read further online about Parihaka here:

(They also raided Tuhoe, historically, and in 2007)
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whanganui military

So fast forward to 2021 and we have other land grabs going on in the form of SNAs. The land grabs have never really stopped. It has taken the form initially of Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030, playing out in councils which are the trojan horse for the agenda. CEOs are on bloated salaries and those who are not in agreement with the plan, be they elected councilors or mayors, have no voice. (See here for council corruption, see the sub tabs, particularly the Horowhenua where one elected mayor was neutered and silenced for his entire term).

The ultimate aim, (believe it or not) and put succinctly, is depopulation, eugenics, the acquisition of all global land and resources (as described in the video clip by the late Rosa Koire, also in Behind the Green Mask) and ultimately the new world order, a global dictatorship, already in motion since the plandemic.

For an excellent expose of that concept, as it plays out now, listen at the link re its application in the US. Remember, the plan is global:

So with that background info in mind, consider this. It was following a brief and not well received visit to Whanganui by PM Ardern on 4 November that the government announced major funding to Māori with the involvement of the military to assist with the coercion of uptake of the experimental, untested, mRNA injection. I dare say many Māori are reluctant because they've read the independent research and information put out by the many medical professionals like the eminent US Cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough. Their info conflicts with the narrative NZ's communist, globalist leader has hitherto told us.

Ardern insists she is the only source of truth right now and we must not even talk to our neighbours. The unvaccinated are going to be chased down we have been told, in spite of promises that the jab would never be mandatory. Now they are alluding to plans to jab the little ones (5-11 years old). They are telling the public it is 'safe and effective' while declining to disclose the full risks entailed. A sore arm, a temperature is about all we need worry about we're told. The FDA on the other hand lists more than 30 serious potential side effects including death.

Regarding the military and this interesting timing of events, over at envirowatchrangitikei we have been posting news items for several years now about the military and their exercises throughout NZ, some of which have drawn from the public to participate with acting roles, involving scenes played out in public spaces. Always we've emphasized there was something afoot with this, knowing of the future new world order plans (dubbed back then 'conspiracy theories', yes we are used to this title) and the ultimate scenario of martial law and the incarceration of non compliant folk in fema camps. So now as we speak we are seeing the erection of 'quarantine camps' for the unvaccinated (Australia announced this recently).

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We are seeing tyranny and the machinations of martial law already in Australia and elsewhere.

Those of us who were watching closely, reported the testimonies of the care home workers who witnessed the dying of the of the elderly and the administering of Midazolam (later described by UK funeral director / whistleblower John O'Looney). There was also video footage of German military in uniform, assisting jab teams to force vaccinate the elderly. Filmed by a whistle blower, clearly those dear elderly patients were struggling not to be jabbed, frightened no doubt by those in uniform.

Similarly in the US, law enforcement help with force jabbing of the intellectually disabled. Since then there has been the door-to-door scenario mentioned a lot. We have seen footage of similar, military paired with jab teams forcibly jabbing citizens in India and in Argentina.

Currently, just days ago video footage has been circulating citing Australian soldiers saying they are being trained to go door to door jabbing people, and to chase them if necessary. Disturbing indeed.

australian military door to door

Australian military assisting with the vaccines 

Curious isn't it? Why the military just standing there?
It's not rocket science is it?

Interesting timing again, the military had an exercise in Whanganui mid October 2021:

"The New Zealand Army Ngāti Tūmatauenga will conduct a military exercise during daylight hours only around Whanganui between 11-15 October 2021. Exercise Golden Gauntlet is a communications exercise that involves soldiers operating out of vehicles and on foot with communications equipment." 

This is why people are rising up and resisting because they sense and know it is tyranny right in plain sight.

Take heed, it is not normal for any government to be the only source of truth. This is not Nazi Germany. Neither is it normal to be mandating an experimental injection that has not been tested properly. They will not tell us the ingredients. If you care to exercise your right to access independent information go to the independent video channels (not Youtube) and hear what the many scientists are saying who have been examining the contents of the vaccine vials under microscopes. I assure you it is not about your health.

Go also and see the long deaths and injuries lists on the PUBLICLY accessible government reporting websites … and only 1-10% even report on those, so the stats in reality, are much higher than these figures. Currently 219 in NZ (@ 9/11/21). (To see the lists click on the links below the stats on the left of our pages here, they contain links to the govt websites, links also below).  (bottom of home page, deaths and injuries in NZ, citizens register)

This is an important time … a time to wake up and see what is really happening. It is not about your health, it is very much about control, not surprisingly given the end game is a totalitarian, one world government.



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