Hear Aussie PM Scott Morrison a true blue member of the sub human globalists' plan,

speaking forth the hypocrisy of their recently announced so called 'world order' ... (yes JA is complicit also).

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Photo: screenshot, Ezra Levant at Twitter

Doing their bidding for Bill Gates who has slithered back into the shadows, buying up farm land hither and yon, plotting his next fake food move no doubt. Here it is in full flight, the new police state. As I've been saying for years now they plan to shut down the planet as we know it and are well on the way to their desired number of humans, in plain sight, and no longer feeling the need to disguise their plans. This is the 'sustainable development' lot, developing little other than their own greedy technocratic wizardry. Those two words, 'sustainable development' have plastered every NZ LG website for years now with little results to show, aside from a lot of looting and property development and exponential pollution to boot. Hear their ilk spouting forth what they have planned for you, included in the heartfelt video below by the Ice Age Farmer who is being seriously hounded now for shining any kind of light onto their shadey plans. 

Ice Age Farmer

Play video at this link
Photo: EarthNewspaper.com screenshot:

Full Show Notes: https://www.iceagefarmer.com/2021/09/23/no-soul-no-free-will-the-end-of-humanity

Listen also to John O'Looney on this, the UK funeral director who has blown the whistle on the real intent and the plans they have for the bodies they know will be forthcoming. Sooner or later ... as the scientists and doctors have been telling us quite plainly, a few years is all those who have taken their pointy apparatus will have remaining. Still they are queueing for voluntary extinction.

Remember Operation Mockingbird?

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And see here the progeny of those who have been jabbed.

They are different.

These people are transforming not only the planet, but you who live upon it.

Pam Vernon @TWNZ

Header photo credit: Rebel News

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