NZ's new apartheid system rolling out as we speak. 'Be kind' says the esteemed leader. Really? ....
Supplied by Wally Richards

Today we witnessed, first hand, history repeating itself.

A disabled man was attended to by 7 policemen because he sat on a chair outside a coffee place and he didn't have a vaccine passport. JOLT coffee house it would appear, called the policy enforcers.
What is this world coming to? The witnesses sat there, looking away awkwardly. A couple of girls laughed, jeered and whispered about his probable vaccination status. No one, apart from our table, spoke up, stood up or said a resounding NO.

For the rest of this week, please see the ways that YOU can stand up and say NO! this is not o.k!!
There is STRENGTH in numbers.
This is ridiculous a disabled man has a rest on a chair on the foot path and the shop owner calls the police? He was not breaking any law or bull shit Govt requirement. It takes a car load of police to illegally have him move on?
Below is signage from the café next door, Origins, who did supply him with a coffee.
no filtering
Origins Cafe signage
Note: The Real New Zealand News at FB reports that the gentleman had been declined a coffee at Jolt so bought one from the coffee shop Origins next door. No seating available elsewhere, (he has only one leg) he used one of Jolt's chairs. I expect that explains the outrage by the owners, the use of their chair while drinking someone else's coffee. That's how the 'ethic' rolls doesn't it? But in fairness, they had declined him a coffee. Confusing isn't it? Read Wally Richards' explanation of the Traffic Light System. Since the roll out of the plandemic two years back, nothing has added up. In my opinion, Wally nails it really.  And this coffee shop is being all but kind. Reinforcing the apartheid system that is being set up courtesy of our esteemed 'leaders'. TWNZ
Share Far and wide and that's one coffee shop that is inhuman and does not deserve patronage.
Unlike Origins right next door as per the signage below... treating their patronage with a little respect.
no health pass required
Origins Cafe signage
And a happy update on this:
Next day a crowd of locals patronised the adjacent coffee shop to purchase coffee & drink on the pavement outside, supporting their stand against apartheid.
Sadly, the word is these places are struggling now with the new rules. Many will not stay afloat but then ... as if the government really cares? The real plan (as those of us know who are tracking the shadow government) was always to shut down small businesses. They're making a good job of that. Squash self sufficiency. How else does one achieve and maintain a totalitarian dictatorship? (IE new world order).
If you are skeptical about that, an essential service I know of that had all their paperwork to remain open during the first lockdown last year, had three separate visits by two officials bullying them to close up. They declined. First visit was from the council. They were invited to return when the manager was present, and no show. The next visit was the Police, the next was local hospital reps. How is that for intimidation at its finest? None of them returned as invited ... proof they had not one leg to stand on. And how many poor folk unwittingly fell for this? Just look at the suicides that happened.
Article Photos: Tina Jae @ Facebook
 Header Photo: Real NZ News Screenshot

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