Time to open your eyes and see how stupid current requirements are..

By Wally Richards

The Traffic Light System Explained Easily..

Mandated sectors workers are safe to work with one vaccine but their customers must have two.

They cannot go into other shops without two vaccines though because that is unsafe.

So the hairdresser can cut hair with 1 but not get coffee without 2.

The coffee maker can serve with one but not get a haircut without 2.

Then everyone with one, two or none can all meet in the supermarket for a catch up!

This is not about Health it is about Control of everyone.

The last Roy Morgan Poll of the year was released this week which did not feature in MSM news?

I wonder why? Maybe cause the tables have turned.

National, Act and Maori parties 47%

Labour Greens 46.5%

Thats why you should not be allowed to know that many people have had enough.

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