Richard Prosser MP in NZ Parliament

Former NZ First MP, Richard Prosser has died. Our condolences to his family and may he rest in peace.

Much discussion has ensued as Richard was a truther, and speaking out a great deal about where NZ is heading. He was also a strong advocate for the banning of the environmental poison 1080, said to be saving the birds.

Richard wrote this powerful message to us all, from England, on 16 May, 2021. A year later is it not all ringing very true? :

“Dear New Zealand,

While you remain asleep, scornful and credulous, your nation is being stolen, and sold out from under you.

Yes, it is.

No, this isn’t conspiracy rubbish. It’s true and it’s happening.

Yes, the Government is lying to you. Yes, the ‘Opposition’ is in bed with them. Yes, the media are in on the act as well – everything you are being told, through every official and officially sanctioned channel, is a lie. Yes, it is.

I have Told You So at every opportunity and at every step along the way, and so far, I’ve been 100% right, which is pretty good, even for me. Accuse me of blowing my own trumpet if you like – I don’t really care; it does sadden me to see from afar what is happening to my homeland, under the very noses of the very people to whom it’s happening, who continue to not believe it, even while they are experiencing it. But personally I’m not affected by the scorn – I’ve always been a seer, and I’ve lived my entire life subject to ridicule because of that. But here I am, being right again. There is no pleasure in that.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the short-to-medium term: China will become the new colonial overlord of New Zealand. New Zealand will become the New Zimbabwe of the Pacific. A few elitist ‘Maori’ (I put that in inverted commas because most of them will be mostly white, many will have non-Maori names, and none of them will actually represent either real Maori or anyone else apart from themselves) will gain majority control over much of the land and natural resources of the New Zealand islands. They will be doing this on behalf of their masters in Peking as well as for their own benefit.

Please don’t allow this state of affairs to drive a wedge between real Maori New Zealanders and real white (and other) New Zealanders. It’s simply Divide And Rule being applied, and it can only succeed if you pander to it.

Food production and distribution will be completely centrally controlled. Your water will be centralised, then privatised, and you’ll need a permit to collect rainwater, which you will have to treat to NZ Drinking Water standards, which will include the addition of fluoride and chlorine.

Chinese troops and Police will become common sights on your roads and streets. Direct air links, and the exchange of students at all levels, will become much more frequent. Mass immigration from mainland China will occur. In one generation, that is twenty to twenty-five years, Chinese-born people will be the numerical majority of the total population of the New Zealand islands. 25 years is not a long time – the Falklands War was 40 years ago.

The New Zealand dollar will collapse. It will be replaced by a new currency backed by, and value-linked to, the new Chinese digital currency. You will have no ability to trade internationally other than via China and her banking system. Te Reo Ngapuhi and Mandarin will become compulsory languages.

Politics is not the answer to this situation. Rather, it is the cause.

If you do not want the future I have described, you are going to have to fight. By fight, I mean rise in armed insurrection against your Government and its agencies. I will say this again – Party Politics is what got you into this mess, the one you still don’t believe could ever happen even while you are experiencing it, and it won’t get you out.

You are still strong, now. I thank all the Gods that ever were, that you didn’t hand in your guns. Yes, you are going to need them. Stock up on ammunition, now, while it is still legal to bring it in. What a shame no one makes ammo in NZ anymore, beyond the assembling of it from imported components. But regardless of that, stockpile as much as you humanly can.

Also you will need to stockpile preserved foods, medical supplies, batteries, radio gear, fuel, and internationally accepted money such as silver and gold – actual metal in the form of coins and ingots, not any kind of paper or electronic promissory notes.

Keep your friends close, and embrace your neighbours. Stand together and stand strong. You are already at war.

Do not look to the Parliamentary Opposition for help. They are one and the same with Government. They are the enemy within, and they are both in league with the enemy without.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway – don’t allow yourselves to be injected with the poisons currently being touted as the cure for the non-existent pandemic that has been the excuse for the accelerated rollout of this great and terrible situation of our times. The injections are a death in a syringe. Those who survive them will be sterile. You are being culled.

To those who read this and think “Prosser has actually gone completely f*kin mad” – no, I haven’t. All this is true. Feel into yourself as you read these words – you know it’s true, and that’s because I’m a Truthsayer – why do you think they had to get rid of me?

I can’t physically get back for this fight. But there are Leaders among you – know them and gravitate to them.

Our friends and family in this world of nations are still our friends and allies, but you will have to prove yourselves before you can expect tangible assistance. And many of them are also dealing with their own versions of the above, which means their ability to help is greatly lessened. You are mostly on your own. Gird yourselves with that in mind. You have great ability and deep resourcefulness – you are, all of you, born of warrior stock. Now is the time to rise, stand, and fight.

Be calm, be strong, have faith. Do this, or be undone.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots – Thomas Jefferson”

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