VIDEO From FreeNZ with Liz Gunn and Guy Hatchard:
A remarkable trove of documents has been created in NZ by an organisation called Te Punaha Matatini—Covid-19 Modelling Aotearoa hosted by the University of Auckland but funded directly by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Covid-19 Modelling Aotearoa is headed by the wildly inaccurate Covid modeller Dr Shaun Hendy who once predicted 80,000 imminent NZ deaths (currently at 53 in NZ) and includes the participation of academics from universities across NZ.

VIDEO LINK: https://odysee.com/@FreeNZ:d/guy-hatchard-on-jacindas-papers:7?fbclid=IwAR2iVP2t1nBr4Id8i99aUmQqiTvLy1RHuOhgYB6XJGb-iuvmEDW3f3POar8

The documents are remarkable because they indicate the genesis of the unique and blinkered pandemic perspective of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern which has diverged from that followed among other countries and from that found in global science publishing. The documents in some cases exhibit in their referenced material, a lack of awareness of the extensive content of global science publishing on the pandemic.


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