An interesting interview with Drs Sam and Mark Bailey. We've all watched Dr Sam's videos, here she is with husband, Dr Mark. Hear how they've been 'leaned on' by the medical authorities for daring to depart from or even question the official narrative on the CV VX, dangerous territory as we're seeing with the cover ups of injuries going on. This is a comprehensive interview giving you an insight into where these two Doctors are coming from, their NZ training, their individual routes to eventually questioning the government line. Well worth the watch in terms of the science behind their respective decisions. TWNZ

From Alison Morrow

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#SamBailey #NewZealand #Covid Dr. Sam Bailey's YouTube channel has exploded during Covid. Her husband, Dr. Mark Bailey, joined us. They both consider themselves in the "terrain theory" camp and Dr. Sam is under investigation by the Medical Council, which is the licensing agency for medical doctors in New Zealand, due to her videos questioning Covid policy, including her statement that she would not take the vaccine.

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