"The MinHealth OIA response just received about Remdesivir. I asked why they chose a treatment of choice that has a concerning risk profile and how they are monitoring this.
It turns out they can't explain." ... Sue Grey (NZ Lawyer)


"Explaining a bizarre and very concerning OIA response from MinHealth about Remdesivir. I couldn't understand why they chose this as the treatment of choice. It turns out that they can't explain either." (See documents below)

Sue questions why is the Government choosing a treatment that is known to cause harm when there are other proven treatments available. In response to her many questions around data, proof of effectiveness etc etc the Ministry replies:

"Unfortunately the Ministry does not hold any information in scope of these parts of your request and has no grounds to believe this information is held by any other agency subject to the Act . For this reason your request is refused under Sec 18 g 1 of the Act. The Ministry would like to apologise for the delay etc ...."

NOTE info on Remdesivir in this article by Steve Edwards:
"US health officials and Gilead Pharmaceuticals knew that Covid-19 drug, Remdesivir, caused multiple organ failure, including impairing kidney function, before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization of May 1 2020 as I proved in part 1 of my investigative series, Pharmageddon — How masked bandits in the US FDA, NIH & CDC used Gilead’s Remdesivir to democide ‘Covid-19 patients’ across America.



The OIA Documents

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