From Tessa Lena @ Youtube: This story is about a brave and classy human being and a medical doctor in New Zealand, who had his medical license suspended and was forced to retire due to his opposition to mandates and his general sense of dignity and a lack of desire to fold under the boot.
His name is Dr. Emanuel Garcia. He is a psychiatrist and an accomplished writer. Dr. Garcia got his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1986. He had a successful career in psychiatry and psychoanalysis in the U.S.—and then in 2006, he immigrated to New Zealand where he practiced medicine until it became impossible to follow the official rules with a straight face. Once the pandemic narrative and measures stopped making any sense, Dr. Garcia called for scientific rigor and adhering to medical ethics—which led to a suspension of his license.

I had the joy of interviewing Dr. Garcia a week or so ago for my podcast, Make Language Great Again, and I am very happy to share the interview. Dr. Garcia and I talked about the state of medicine and the state of collective courage—as well as about his novels and theater work (the latter currently on hold due to medical apartheid). In fact, Dr. Garcia is particularly keen on the importance of keeping our heads high and staying creative in the face of whatever totalitarianism we face.
Before you watch the interview, please read Dr. Garcia’s recent talk below, published on Transcend Media Service:

It has been approximately two years since the virus that changed our world so suddenly and completely made its appearance in a far-away place in China. We were told that it jumped from a bat — cooked or uncooked, I couldn’t say – and we were soon thereafter shown pictures of soldiers hosing down the streets of Wuhan with disinfectant chemicals, and locking people up in their apartments.
We have been made to believe that this pathogen was so deadly that billions of people needed to be locked away for long periods of time around the world, prevented from travel, pleasure and association. We were and have been daily assailed by numbers – the numbers of those ‘testing positive’ for COVID, the number of those dying from – or with? – COVID, day after day, over and over and over. Numbers, numbers, numbers, however dubious, numbers that kept marching on thanks to the mouthpieces of our ‘trusted’ Media.
Medical emergencies were declared worldwide but, strangely enough, these medical emergencies did NOT instigate a magnificent and powerful joining of forces to find a cure for this terrible infection, they did not result in concerted attempts to treat those who had fallen ill in order to prevent hospitalisation and death – no. In fact, governments around the world, including ours here in New Zealand, have actively worked against attempts by physicians to do what they were trained to do and what they swore oaths to do. Instead, world governments flexed their muscles to create unparalleled fear, to restrict, curtail and impinge upon human liberties and autonomy, to prevent us from associating freely with each other, and to convince us that the ONLY WAY to return to a normal which would never again be normal was to accept inoculations which they call vaccines but which neither prevent transmission nor infection of the virus they are supposed to be protecting us against.
At the same time the specific ingredients of these so-called vaccines are shrouded in secrecy, as are the business agreements made between the jab-makers and the governments who roll the jabs out and push relentlessly for nearly EVERYBODY to be jabbed, regardless of risk or age. Here in New Zealand, as in many other places around the world, the jab is now being urged for our youth, those least likely to be adversely affected by COVID, despite the fact that NO long-term studies of safety and efficacy have been conducted – they can’t have been conducted because such studies take time, the time of many years. Furthermore, as a result of our government’s recent dictate to mandate the jab for ‘frontline workers’, teachers, midwives, nurses and doctors and many other health practitioners who, despite their commitment, dedication, experience and expertise in their roles, have lost their valuable jobs. In essence they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, but guess what: many of us have refused, notwithstanding the consequences of losing our livelihoods, our careers, our incomes and the pleasures we had in serving the public. And many many others were simply coerced under duress to do something they knew in their hearts and souls they never wanted to do, under pain of economic devastation.
And what do we have now in our beloved Aotearoa? A never ending atmosphere of fear, the never ending threat that the liberties not yet impinged upon by our government can at any moment be extirpated. We are told to wear masks, we are told to keep our distance from each other, we are made to feel that we human beings are dangerous to one another. We are now, sorrowfully enough, told that those who have exercised their right NOT to take into their sacred bodies a biological agent they have grave doubts about are somehow ‘unclean’ and should be discriminated against, should be segregated, and according to some of those in government, should actually be punished for daring to believe that they have a right to refuse a medical intervention – a right that has been specified in the Nuremberg Code and in the New Zealand Bill of Rights. The unjabbed cannot now go to a movie or a play or a hairdresser or a rugby match or a restaurant or a cafe – all ostensibly in the service of ‘health’.
When has a healthy person ever been considered a danger before? What do those who are already jabbed have to fear from those who are not? Does any of this make any rational sense?
I ask you, is this the society we all wish to live in, is this the kind of life we wish to have for ourselves – a life controlled by governmental authority that has had the moronic audacity to declare itself a ‘single source of truth’, a life that will be governed by fear, anxiety, loss of liberty, freedom and essential human pleasure, a life where any debate about any aspects of health is ruthlessly suppressed?
Doctors who have questioned the rationale of COVID policies, who have questioned the wisdom of locking people down, who have questioned the safety of the inoculations, who have dared to promote natural immunity, who have begged for early treatments which are available and effective, who have suffered to learn of and have called attention to the many adverse effects and deaths reported in those who have been inoculated – these doctors are under ‘investigation’ by their Councils and have had licences suspended.
I am one such doctor. Thankfully I have taken steps to dissociate myself completely from the medical establishment, after having served for nearly sixteen years in the public health sector as a psychiatrist here in New Zealand and in the fifteen years before I emigrated to Aotearoa, as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in the United States of America.
However, despite all of the gathered and vicious opposition, there are many people who have worked heroically to encourage prevention, to establish early treatment protocols, to analyse the consequences of coercive measures, and to look with real science at the virus and the hastily developed ‘vaccines’. There are many people who celebrate their humanity by refusing to be duped by the dance of absurdities – mask at the counter, mask off at the table, mask outdoors while riding a bike, one meter, two meters, one and a half meters, mask under the nose is okay, a healthy person is really sick or potentially sick, vaccines really don’t have to prevent you from getting the bug, natural immunity won’t work – and on and on and on. It’s really ALL in the absurdities, isn’t it, because once they can get us to believe their patent absurdities, they can get us to do anything – like participating in apartheid under the guise of ‘health and safety’.
In the true spirit of science and human morality we should be asking questions, questions about everything. And the question above all we must ask ourselves is whether we value life and liberty over fear, control, segregation and slavery.

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