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FEMA’s Smart City ZONE’S are NOW identified.

FEMA selects disaster resilience zones 

to get priority access to Federal Funds.

🔴FEMA Designates First Communities to Receive Targeted Assistance for Hazards Resilience |

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MAUI ALERT - Resources to improve local disaster resilience, however, are finite. In the wake of multiple hurricanes and the devastating Maui wildfires, FEMA is restricting disaster spending FEMA is restricting disaster spending as its funds are “approaching exhaustion,” POLITICO reported last week. The community disaster resilience zones are meant to help the federal government determine which areas most need limited resources. Congress directed FEMA in December 2022 to identify such communities through the Community Disaster Resilience Zones Act. The act “aims to increase resilience efforts and preventative measures designed to address underserved communities most at risk to natural hazards,” FEMA said in a press release.

Make no mistake these are Climate Lockdowns into cities of death called smart cities.  The goals, while there are many, will isolate communities from one another, cut truth media, cut off cell phone connectivity,  internet and other forms of communications, ALL leading to our inability to survive without access to resources, food, water, air.

ALL according required reductions of green house gas emissions and to reduce your carbon footprint.


ALL resources, electricity, gas, food, water, housing, heat, will be allocated or eliminated. All remaining structures MUST be energy retrofitted - meaning forced upgrades to meet requirements to reduce your energy consumption.  If you don't comply your property will be red tagged “Unfit for Occupancy” by your local code enforcement officers..  All use of gas appliances, are prohibited - that includes water heaters, furnaces and gas cooking appliances that must be replaced by electric - requiring new upgraded electric panels that many folks will not be able to afford.  Double pane windows must replace single pane windows and added insulation to prevent any heating or cooling to escape.

In the UK they use heat sensing equipment mounted on aircraft which tracks each house that is out of energy reduction compliance.

The sustainable development plans require the use of smart meters for electricity, gas (while you still have gas), and smart water meters. These wireless meters are pulsed intentionally to cause fires and appliance failures -

as well as burning down properties, REMOTELY. 

We will not survive in dense populations zones, aka KILL CITIES  where EVERYTHING is wirelessly electrified.  Where law enforcement is non existent and those we thought were serving us are taking orders that prevent our security and safety.

Micro Grids providing electricity using renewables, solar and lithium ion batteries, that explode, will be  allowed in certain areas of commerce,  military operations, and airports.

Of course, these micro grids will fail since they are reliant on weather, unless those that control the weather live in a micro grid?

We are run by cartels, drug gangs and thieves. 

A new future is fast descending upon all of us and being designed to massively eliminate all that is living.

FEMA selects ‘disaster resilience zones’ to get priority access to federal funds

🔴This disclosure confirms designated “community disaster resilience zones” will have priority access to federal funds for climate resilience and mitigation projects

🔴awards for the Climate-Smart Communities Initiative program funded by the Click or tap to follow the link.">Inflation Reduction Act will be awarded to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of climate resilience-building for communities across the United States


USA, Inc. and EARTH, Inc.


ALL is Being Seized and Destroyed

By the Unacknowledged CONtrol of the Manufactured Extreme Weather Events aka Directed “Energy” Weapons



Federal Funding Access for “Natural” Disaster Relief 

due to Climate Change 

WILL have Priority Access in the FEMA ZONE’s

🔴FEMA will initially Provide “ONE” Community Disaster Resilience Zone in Each State including the District of Columbia 

How Large of an Area will ONE Designated Zone Be? 

Here ARE the Zones and MAPS

The first “community disaster resilience zones” were announced Wednesday by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and are available to view on aninteractive online map.

Legislation Provides

Additional "Federal Cost-Share" for Projects in Designated Zones.  

Meaning your zone YOU must cost share with the FEDS aka USA, Inc.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will make awards for the Climate-Smart Communities Initiative program funded by the Inflation Reduction Act to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of climate resilience-building for communities across the United States. NOAA will work with communities to co-develop equitable climate resilience plans that can be readied for funding and implementation. The priority is to assist communities that are at the highest risk to climate impacts and have the most need for assistance.

FEMA-identified Community Disaster Resilience Zones.

In a record year of catastrophes, FEMA's disaster fund is slipping into the red and this is before hurricane season even peaks


Remember - The FEMA Executive Orders 

Allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

Allows our d'facto government to take over all models of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

Allows our d'facto government to seize and control the communication media.

Allows our d’facto the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

Allows our d'facto government to take over all food resources and farms.




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