Barry Smith NZ evangelist

Note: they are NOT elite. They in fact call us 'useless eaters' among other things. As many now know or have concluded, the plandemic 'solutions' are in fact their means to cull us - it is called depopulation.

Long before our contemporary truthers, NZ school teacher Barry Smith traveled for three decades from the 1970s, firstly NZ wide, then world wide, lecturing from his research into these parasitic people who want a one world dictatorship, waking people and linking to the Biblical prophecies regarding end times. Of course he was ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist… meanwhile most of what he foretold is coming completely true. The full interview from which this clip was taken can be seen on our sister site One World Govt / New world order pages (main menu). The links are also at the top of the article here. Barry was interviewed in the UK on Revelation TV. His books on topic can still be found (see his family website or search the 2nd hand book sites). You can still see his videos on YT although they seem harder to find… Watch this clip at the link below and full interview at the links... TWNZ

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