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"Most long time truthers warned of this a decade and more back when folk snickered and called you a conspiracy theorist for even mentioning it. The New World Order (or the variations of that name) is no longer theory of any kind of course. It's in your face fact. We're now into the escalated climate scare scam stage of the journey which suddenly upscaled immediately after the downscaling of the plandemic and its experimental, 'safe and effective' treatment."  TWNZ

I'm sharing here an insightful article from 2012 or possibly even earlier. It has been around on the internet for a long time and the originating site, mediawhores, now gone. At the time of the demise of that site there was rumour the author had been detained for psychiatric reasons. I'm unsure of the outcome of all that but the article remains. It is old and links to info gone. I'm posting it however in light of recent revelations that our 'friends' who are long time advocates of sustainable development, have bookmarked the Hawke's Bay as in need of 'Build Back Better' treatment ... ie managed retreat into Smart Cities (video at link). Courtesy of the Davos boys at WEF. Well ... who would've guessed it?

Whilst the following article is about the East Coast, slightly further North than the recent Cyclone Gabrielle flooding, nevertheless  it is that general area that is in question.

Most long time truthers warned of this a decade and more back when folk snickered and called you a conspiracy theorist for even mentioning it. The New World Order (or the variations of that name) is no longer theory of any kind of course. It's in your face fact. We're now into the escalated climate scare scam stage of the journey which suddenly upscaled immediately after the downscaling of the experimental, safe and effective treatment. The proposals in the article on their plans for the East Coast revolve around desired resources.

Protected areas and The 1080 connection

An ex NZ detective emailed me a good while back (2017) pointing to a similar rationale concerning the extensive use of 1080 poison throughout NZ (for 60+ years). They are not saving our birds at all, rather, they are clearing the land. (I will share his comments in another post). In 2018 note, Goldman Sachs CEOs (the bank specifically the focus of the article below) were flying around Fiordland in a DoC hosted helicopter tour... it was about conserving our native birds we were told. We do all know of course that bankers are enthusiastic about saving birds. No media reporting on that one either. It's also interesting to note that the East Coast was only recently opened up to 1080 poisoning, having previously declined it.

Basically, under Agenda 2030 the proposed protected areas will be fenced off with no trespassing signs in the name of conservation. All bollocks of course. It's just further land grabbing with an eye likely, to what is below ground. Meanwhile you will be safe and sound in your Smart City eating bugs and never travelling further than 15 minutes from your house... owning nothing and blissfully happy.

The late Rosa Koire defined UN Agenda 21 (now 2030) thus: “The action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all information and all human beings in the world.”

Before the mediawhores article here are the second and third videos from Coronavirus Plushie's Rumble Channel:

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Features in Latest World Economic Forum Video

Managed Retreat To 'Smart' Cities, As Hawkes Bay Features in Latest World Economic Forum Video

(The recommendation in the article to google search the facts will likely, I dare say,  no longer bring up much truth on the matter. I will be updating with external links as I can find them).

Goldman Sachs plans for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of NZ for oil & gas drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy

Goldman Sachs plans for the depopulation of the East Coast of NZ for oil & gas drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy.

To check any of these facts- simply Google the names involved- it is all on public record & verifiable.

Goldman Sachs are the bankers for both BP Oil and Royal Dutch Shell- the Global oil company Goliaths owned by our friends - the English & Dutch Royal Families.

Goldman Sachs recently instructed Ironbridge Capital of Australia to purchase Media Works in NZ - the owners of TV3, Radio Live and around 15 other radio stations across NZ - giving Ironbridge, Goldman, BP and Shell Oil a surprisingly tight grip on New Zealand public opinion.

Goldman Sachs are also invested in Kiwirail and various ex Goldman Sachs executives have been placed in management positions throughout their new Kiwirail. Kiwirail have recently announced they don't think it will be 'viable' to rebuild the rail line into the Gisborne area - thus shutting down Gisborne's horticultural industry and further depopulating NZ's East Coast.

Goldman Sachs were mostly responsible for the Finance Collapse of 2008 that wiped out the US middle class, stealing their homes off them and selling enough of that bad debt to the European banks to kick start the continuing Euro Zone collapse.

Goldman Sachs were then bailed out by US Congress and tax payers to the tune of around $10 billion dollars, then paying out around $14billion in bonuses to staff the following year. Theft on a grand scale in short - and pushed through by the corrupt US Congress/House, also in their control.

Goldman Sachs were in control of BP Oil during the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster which decimated that Coast line of the USA. In fact Goldman Sachs sold large chunks of their stock in BP just days before the disaster. Inside information one might say.

Ironbridge Capital, controlled by the criminal Goldman Sachs have just announced they wish to purchase Environwaste in NZ which will then give them control over the movements of any toxic waste from BP, Shell & Todd Energy oil and gas drilling or fracking around the Country.

John Key can also be traced back to Goldman Sachs via Bankers Trust, suggesting he is also heavily invested in Goldman Sachs and their various criminal enterprises and crimes against societies World Wide.

BP, Shell and Todd Energy can be proven to be involved/ behind EVERY oil and gas company with interests in New Zealand - not least of which is TAG Oil who have the rights to drill up the Canterbury basin and whose share price quadrupled on the news of the first ChCh earthquake (Canadian stock exchange). With their extensive criminal history of destroying environments and communities around the Globe (from Angola to Nigeria and even Iraq and now Libya), these three oil and gas Nazi's are very careful to use 'small' third party oil companies that they own anyway, but with different names

Read More....

John Key left Merrill Lynch, another well known partner of Goldman Sachs just prior to the US housing market collapse and just in time to come back to New Zealand and suddenly become the leader of the National Party. On being elected, Goldman Sachs (via Ironbridge) raced in to buy up Media Works and take control over 50% of NZ media. They also raced in to buy Kiwirail around the same time - a deal in which John Key is on record lying about his shareholding to the public and then profiting from the deal.

Since these events, we have had 'news' filtered through to us that proven oil,gas and mineral resources around NZ could be worth as much as $4 trillion dollars (Stuff newspaper). (See here also from NIWA, and here-TWNZ). Around 30 "fracking licenses" have been issued to oil and gas companies around NZ to allow them to carry out toxic fracking which has been extensively proven World Wide to poison local water supplies and cause earthquakes. The East Coast of New Zealand has been suffering Earthquakes and 'record' floods ever since (please also refer our article on HAARP - the military 'weather weapon' which targets the jet streams to cause massive floods and is proven to also cause Earthquakes).

After two record floods in the Eastcape/ Gisborne areas in the past 6 months, the Goldman Sachs controlled Kiwirail have now announced they will not be able to rebuild the rail line for that area- which will destroy the likes of Watties and other large agricultural businesses in that area, forcing even more people to leave their homes.

CONSIDER ALSO: "...on the afternoon of the [Christchurch] earthquake, while a major national emergency was in full swing across New Zealand, why did Prime Minister John Key stop to sign over the seabed exploration rights for New Zealand, including the Canterbury Basin, to the giant oil mining company Anadarko just four hours after the earthquake struck?" TWNZ (LINK)

Shortly after the Christchurch earthquakes, a massive phosphate find was announced just 450km off the Coast of Christchurch - enough to mine 1 million tonnes of phosphate per annum.

Tag Oil, whose share price rocketed on the news of the Christchurch earthquakes that killed 185 people and destroyed 10,000 homes in the City have since also announced that the entire Eastcoast of NZ  could be a find "equal to the size of Texas". In an investor-targeted presentation, TAG Oil has told investors in North America the East Coast is “literally leaking oil and gas”.

The Rena ship was also grounded during these developments, spilling toxic chemicals and trash into the Oceans and right across the Eastcape region, effecting the locals food supply and tourism businesses and further encouraging people to leave the area.

Could it  be any clearer Kiwis?

The criminal Goldman Sachs have quite clearly been planning and working towards the depopulation of the East Coast of NZ- or anywhere they have found minerals, oil or gas. They have been employing the US military weapon HAARP to cause record flooding in the areas they need to depopulate. They paid off the captain & or owners of the Rena to go 50 miles off target and wreck the ship where it would cause the most environmental damage possible. They used either HAARP or just underwater explosions to trigger Earthquakes around Canterbury, killing 185 people and depopulating the whole East Coast suburbs of ChCh. They purchased our media and all the morons that work for them so as to divert any attention to all these facts and information. They purchased Kiwirail so they could choose which rail lines to keep working and which to close down for the purposes of more depopulation and economic migration away from the areas where the resources lie. They now want to buy Environwaste so they can smuggle all the toxic waste from fracking & drilling away from public view and try bury it somewhere it can't be monitored/ tracked.

This has all been happening right in front of our faces and could not be any clearer.

John Key was placed here and the media bought to help him get in power. he is heavily invested in Bankers Trust and therfore Goldman Sachs and will be profiting both directly and no doubt indirectly from this massive treasonous attack on NZ and Kiwi's.

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The death toll is already rising and will only get worse.

And our prized environment and tourism industries are seriously under threat.

Wake up Kiwis- the Global Banking Cartel and their Oil Companies, on behalf of the English and Dutch Royal Families are actually killing us off and depopulating whole sections of our Country so they can rape our oil and gas.

Rise up Kiwis. Tell your friends. Discuss these facts. Research all the FACTS above using Google and/ or Youtube for evidence.

John Key must be put on trial for High Treason and locked up for the rest of his life and the criminals behind this attack on our way of life must be exposed and banished from ANY further dealings in New Zealand - for ever - including Todd Energy and the English Royal Family.

And New Zealanders MUST waking up to the fact that these plans have been in place for many years- 30 years by some estimates, since Muldoon, Think Big and Todd Energy oil/gas discoveries.

Kiwis MUST learn and understand that OUR WHOLE Government is behind this - almost all of our politicians and unless we wipe out our current Government system, Goldman Sachs will simply put Labour or the Greens in charge next and nothing will be done/ changed. They will make a lot of noise about John Key and oil drilling so that they are elected, but they will still be in the pockets of the same Nazi/ criminal/ murderous bankers and politicians and will make sure nothing is really changed and those responsible get away with their crimes- as will they.

This is NOT a democracy and hasn't been for over a generation now.

Rise up and wake up Kiwis!

You are being raped.


The Opal File - A Secret History of Australia and New Zealand

Agenda 21/2030 in NZ


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