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In Part 1 of this topic I mentioned communication I had had in 2017 with a former NZ Detective. He had joined some dots between certain events in NZ, mining, and the use of 1080 by the Department of Conservation (DoC). This article is a summary of what he related, his opinion formed as a result of 20 years observation, quoted almost verbatim, edited for flow. (My own comments are in italics).
Remember too, this info is from 2017, six years ago.




The former Detective I cite saw many changes in the NZ Police Force in the 20 years prior to 2017, which left him posing the following questions:

Why are the the police now engaging in CIVIL MATTERS? Not their function

Why are the police not arresting CRIMINALS? - their JOB

Why the are the police now committing offences as they help criminals with CIVIL matters?

I have also seen first hand where criminals are not being arrested, we have police and the justice system wanting crime, wanting social and civil unrest - so that is why we see so many problems = those at the top want this….this is the battle humanity now faces. All the good detectives were let go in the late 1990s.

I am hearing still through my contacts, that INVESTIGATIVE units that are PROACTIVE in arresting CRIMINALS are being DISBANDED….

The Camera car - Automatic plate reader on Auckland motorways, is currently parked up, the motorways staff are being disbanded - they were catching too many criminals - not what the government wants right now, they want and need social and civil unrest across NZ - so the UN can have an excuse to come in and take control - that is a reality of what is being planned.

SUN TZU - The Art of War

I have seen for myself how totally criminal our system is…….they are now actively protecting criminals, allowing breaches of codes of ethics, to incite and create crisis and conflict, so as to entrap good people - it has a name: CRISIS CAPITALISM.

Those who stir up the conflict are exploiting the situation to make money….and prey on the vulnerable.

It appears these tactics have simply been expanded into many other spheres of influence…….a dirty and corrupt way to make a dollar.

Can you see how this now gets very messy for the NZ Police?…….Criminals helping criminals, and refusing to actually do their job…protecting victims and the vulnerable.

Watch this space……..

Note: the above topic was raised in response to our discussion about the arrest of Graeme Sturgeon who was arrested after BEING ASSAULTED by security guards. Graeme had gone to the site where a 1080 shipment was being unloaded in circumstances that were seen to not be following public safety guidelines (link). Graeme was taken to court, eventually absolved of the crime, however was left with over $20K court costs. A very clear message sent to any who dare question the official narrative in Court.

Graeme recently passed away (RIP Graeme).

Link to video and the court appearance with comment below from lawyer Sue Grey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7_xZ4r49p4&t=16s

@suegrey33 (5 years ago)

"Thanks Graeme for your courage and Clyde and Steve [Graf} for recording this. New Zealand has a very serious problem of authorities failing to understand the rule of law. The police- and other authorities no longer appear to understand that they are obliged to act lawfully, reasonably fairly and in the public interest. We faced a very similar problem in Nelson when the police acted unlawfully by siding with the poisoners of the Brook Valley rather than applying the law in a fair and even handed way. The trespass orders, warnings, arrests and police charges were all eventually withdrawn - but too late to protect the formerly Class A water supply, forest, native species, ecosystems from aerial application of poison."

Note also, when a proposed 1080 drop in the Hunua Ranges was being challenged in Court (link below) the Judge in that case complied with the wish of DoC lawyers not to allow their scientists to be questioned.

What I see now which is most disturbing, is that the police are now accountable to no one. We see certain individuals actively engaging in crimes, knowing they will never be held to account. (The aforementioned security guards). Psychopaths often accuse others of their own crimes - this is a process called DARVO — When accused of a crime, they:

DENY it,

ATTACK the accuser, and then seek to quickly




This is classic PSYCHOPATHY, if this does not work, they feign memory loss ….. (and lie) how often do we see some in power do this? (Other). And remember Key's lies?

As an ex detective, it's important to know your enemy, and know yourself - and you will never lose a battle ……..by understanding the tactics of psychopaths and spreading this word we can help people identify them - remember criminals NEVER want to be caught.

Another tactic of the Crimean Psychopath is to GAS LIGHT< CHARACTER ASSASSINATE any one speaking the TRUTH. The TRUTH is their biggest enemy. WORDS = SWORD if TRUTH. Very Powerful…..

Gas lighting is a slow psychological harming of a person to make them feel worthless and depressed by way of false accusation.
CRISIS and CONFLICT… is another tactic of the corrupted - they do not want to be caught themselves, so they get others to create the crisis and conflict, trying desperately to get us to react so the Police can arrest us = agent provocateurs …..spies and informants - setting up patsies…..entrapping people…… drawing persons into conflict another tactic of the corrupted.

But always remember - they know there is KARMA in the after life, they never want to cause harm to their SOUL - so the are very CUNNING in using others, other innocents, to do their dirty work…..even drawing them in and allowing them to make a few $$$$ as the target is exploited…..so long as the target is arrested they care not.

So this is the problem we now all face, criminals are being exposed that's the easy part, since they are eating themselves with their own criminality - our problem is how do we now see them held to account???

Expose an enemy's plans, and they will NOT go ahead with them……..

Know yourself and Know your enemy -and you will NEVER lose a battle.

There is a push to destroy any reference to a Creator - a God and Jesus Christ, as those seeking to push MAN MADE LAWS and artificial ROBOTS on us - need the human population to forget the Creator.


Elana Freeland’s Presentation on Geoengineered Transhumanism, Mt Shasta, April 11th, 2022

Corbett Report; Looking Forward to the End of Humanity Via Transhumanism

This outcome with all the theatrics was entirely designed to remove GOD from our parliamentary prayer - but retain the QUEEN.


This is why we are seeing laws that are given to Humans by GOD = Natural law, common Law protections being removed by Government - after 20 years the changes to the NZ police are all but complete - our NZ police now focus on enforcing Statutory laws - Civil laws now, not protecting human rights, property rights, self defense rights.

You will notice how many churches were destroyed under the pretext of earthquake safety - many of the earthquakes being man made to achieve this result.

RELATED: Study Raises More Serious Questions About The Christchurch Earthquake Who Knew It Was Coming And Why?

You can again see the attacks on Christians - with so called “Satanists" now running rampant around the world. Moving people quickly to becoming SELFISH - Selfies, likes and look at me narcissism ……so no one CARES…..I (EYE) PADS, I (Eye) Phones - me me me.

It was Christianity which destroyed ROME, and it appears they are now having another go at destroying Christianity and all who understand that there is and always will be a creator.

Those who go against NATURE - will end up with NO THING.

The 1080 / Mining Link

Have you worked out WHY they are dropping the 1080?

Its all about preparing the land for MINING.

If you look at the geology maps, they are only dropping it over land to be MINED - GOLD, PLATINUM, URANIUM etc…..


Like any corporation they do not want to be accountable for environmental costs - so kill all the animals and birds beforehand…….no liability if they are all dead before mining starts…

(Note: this topic of DoC 1080 coverage and mining is extensive and requires a separate article for total visual mapping.For further info on 1080 drops see 1080 poison in categories at this site. Additionally see the 1080 pages there in the main menu, top of page. See also DoC's planned drops).

1080 is Fluorine - which was also used in Sarin Gas and also in

RELATED: Chemotherapy-how did mustard gas from a blown up WWII ship get into your veins? 

Fluorine the MOST reactive element know to man, destroys your thyroid and kills by asphyxiation ……horrible way to go. As we know Hitler fluoridated his entire nation before the last war - these psychos know what they are doing - they dump it around the Auckland water dams in Hunua - so it leeches into the water table….and the Auckland drinking water - they don’t care about people at all…….just $$$$$$$$$.

RELATED:  Local councils directed to add fluoride to water by Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield

Doc staff have been armed to keep people away from the mining areas in the future - as I said, this is all pre planned ……law abiding citizens who stand up for their rights are the target - Māori and Pākeha.

The Meth link:

You can also draw a link between the METH problems in towns close to the mining areas, this is not an accident, it's designed to destroy these areas and the people….and it is. 

Kaitaia: Meth and suicides, oil and mining

Westport: Uranium - destroyed economically by shutting down employment and then filling the town with criminals on benefits…..planned.

Whitanga: Meth problems - gold mining

Tauranga: Meth problems - mining

All that land in from Nelson is PLATINUM - which is needed for the OIL industry.

Deliberately use the dairy industry to POISON the rivers - and again no environmental costs to the mining companies in the future.

Deforestation in NZ replaced with DAIRY - all MINING areas - all that land out from Rotorua culled and made into Dairy land - GOLD - lots of GOLD.

There was recently the first reading of the Crown Minerals (Prohibition of Mining) Amendment Bill in Parliament. Read Hon Eugenie Sage's speech (excerpt below):

Pasted from <https://www.parliament.nz/mi/pb/hansard-debates/rhr/combined/HansDeb_20230607_20230607_48>

"The 2017 Speech from the Throne set out the Government's priorities for that term, and it said there will be no new mines on conservation land. Yet, nearly six years later, Tai Tokerau hapū, Forest & Bird, communities in the north have had to organise to protect Puketi Forest, one of our last remaining unlogged kauri forests, from the prospecting and potentially destructive mining of Mineralogy International, directed by billionaire Clive Palmer…

In 2022, there were more than 516 permits and mining licences, extending over more than 424,000 hectares of conservation land, and, since then, just one company, Mineralogy International, has subsequently had minerals permits approved for thousands of hectares on the West Coast, surrounding Kōtuku Moana / Lake Brunner. "

Pasted from <https://www.parliament.nz/mi/pb/hansard-debates/rhr/combined/HansDeb_20230607_20230607_48>

Note currently there have been recent gang problems in Opotiki reported by lamestream media. Opotiki is the gateway to the East Coast.

Māori were once colonized in NZ, now they are planning on colonizing all of us…impoverish and make defenseless.

Lastly our Fire service are now managed by the UN. I spoke with firemen in 2015 and all their employment contracts were changed so they answered directly to the UN. You will now see stand down orders as good firemen will be told to let areas BURN - again in mining areas…….Coromandel Hippies - Wilderland were recently burnt out ….and the same in the Christchurch hills - both instances, good firemen were told to stand down.

 NZ Professional Firefighters Union reveals Christchurch firefighter crews were stood down at nightfall, day one, while the Port Hills fires burned – an independent inquiry sought

Stages of Subverting a nation:


Takes about 10 to 15 years…….(post Rogernomics, late '80s - Douglas now knighted) then ...


……then create a massive Crisis (Christchurch for example?)

(Sounding familiar? The Op Lockstep scenario practiced run in 2019?) (See here also).

or many small crises  (more quakes, plandemics, false flags and so on) and then install the...

New normal…

(The (not) Great Reset, ushered in by climate alarm & 20, 15, 5 minute cities) 

exploitation of nation complete.

If we look at every nation invaded for resources, the people have been ethnically cleansed and lost their human rights……..poverty and disease……all created by the rich few …..CRISIS CAPITALISM…

(No, it was never about civilization, see  the late John Trudell's expose of The Great Lie).

(Also see the late Russell Means' expose of the same in Welcome to the Reservation)

There is a clear pattern here…….

Join the dots and it all makes sense…….

These people selling this are traitors to this nation……..and the world…..

I think they will find out soon enough when they collapse the Auckland property market….and people start losing their homes…

Cyclone Gabrielle, Auckland floods: 750 properties red-stickered in North Island as building assessments continue

See here also (2100 properties)

Hawke's Bay: Cyclone Gabrielle: Low-risk properties identified and ‘red-zone’ residents contacted this week

Note: the Detective knew of folk in the know with this, who are sending their children off to University to study Geology in preparation for the mining.

Finally, see the SNA topic for further info on how your leaders are clearing land for the WEF plans under the guise of conservation.



Goldrush for conservation land mining

Pasted from <https://www.newsroom.co.nz/goldrush-for-conservation-land-mining>   2018

Alarm raised over prospect of new mining permits on DOC land

Pasted from <https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2018655464/alarm-raised-over-prospect-of-new-mining-permits-on-doc-land> 2018

We were promised no more mines on DOC land, and we were betrayed

Pasted from <https://thespinoff.co.nz/politics/07-08-2020/we-were-promised-no-more-mines-on-doc-land-and-we-were-betrayed> 2020

Government Better Not Be All Talk On Its Proposed Mining Ban

Pasted from <https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO2302/S00031/government-better-not-be-all-talk-on-its-proposed-mining-ban.htm> 2023






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