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Caroline Gunn speaks to Liz (no relation) about her experience on the night of the terrible floods in Hawkes Bay. This is part of an ongoing series to remind Kiwis to keep the people of Hawkes Bay in our hearts.

For more information on how you can help or contribute to the cleanup effort in Hawkes Bay, head to the end of our article - https://freenz.substack.com/p/silt-inn-esk-valley

TWNZ comment:
There was the well overdue timing of the government alerts, the official advice to ‘stay in your homes’, the many rescues by civilians from roofs by farm helicopter and small boats (other rescuers were threatened with prosecution!) …. none of which we’ve seen on lamestream. Nor likely ever will do it would appear.


Note to whistleblowers who know more … as Liz says in her interview … please speak out.

Prior to the Grenfell fires in London, UK, folk were visited by the safety ‘experts’ and instructed that should fire break out they should remain in their apartments. Sounding very familiar isn’t it? In another interview on the Esk Valley flood a man who lived on a hill above the flood zone said when he got his alert the valley was already wall to wall water. (His interview is on the Platform). Then there were the Port Hills fires when firemen were held back from attending the blazes. Also the White Island eruption. The first responder to that for rescue was a private helicopter pilot … the official lot had decided not to go! This pilot who did go & rescue people who would not be alive had he not, this pilot who went with no hesitation & yet great risk to his own life, was charged by Worksafe! His business was ruined! On topic this is a must watch (more on what whore media isn’t telling you). All in line with info provided by a former NZ Detective who worked here prior to the rot setting in.

Image by Hans from Pixabay

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