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From Steve Snoopman Edwards @ Substack

Cover-up of the 2019 ‘Ides of March Christchurch Mosques Massacre

The Christchurch Mosques Massacre of Friday March 15 2019 was the world’s fourth deadliest, first live-streamed civilian mass shooting. And, as New Zealand’s largest peace-time massacre — it came with a twist.

With prima facie evidence, former Māori Television news and current affairs editor Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards proves it was possible to find the attack locations within one minute. By using the active noun “attack” from the shooter’s email subject-lined — “On the attack in New Zealand today” — that was sent to the Government’s HQ eight minutes before the gunman commenced his mayhem, Mr Edwards immediately found a spike revealing the attack locations in the attached ‘manifesto’.

In part 1 of this Darkest Day Deception series, entitled Emergency Response Failure Cover-up of the New Zealand, shows the Government, the Police and the NZ Security Intelligence Service covered-up the emergency response failure at Government Headquarters.

*Care has been taken to avoid using violent images and the articles do not contain links to the banned video. However, New Zealand readers may find it prudent to view these articles via a VPN ap, since screen shots from the shooter’s banned video appear in part 3. While the gunmans video is banned in NZ, the use of screen shots, or excerpts of video for evidential purposes without glorifying cruelty is legal.


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