Esk Valley caravan and van half buried in silt

The cover up continues.

Liz Gunn interviews Leao Tildsleya at FreeNZ Media. Leao is a journalist and community builder (further info below).

At 33 minutes in (the first part is coverage of the Posie Parker fiasco in Auckland that lamestream blasted to us way prior to the event ... whilst they ignored jab injured Kiwis at Wellington a year ago). Leao describes the carnage she saw in Hawke's Bay on arrival, like a scene following a volcanic eruption she says. Car boots open part packed, no people though. The question raised, where did those people go? Did they escape with their lives? She expresses doubts about the official figure of 11 from the NZ Corporation. Liz appeals to the Army, Navy, Police, other rescue personnel to blow the whistle. TWNZ

"Leao Tildsley is a journalist and community builder who works with The Daily Examiner & who runs her platform called Island Girl Views. 

Here, we discuss her experience at the Posie Parker event on Saturday the 25th of March as well as her volunteer work providing help to Kiwis in Hawkes Bay after the devastating floods. This week Leao has already headed back down to help.

Island Girl Views on Facebook -

Facebook live from Posie Parer event:

To Help Hawkes Bay:

Ranui Baptist Community Care
ACCOUNT NO: 12-3039-0195267-04
REF. Napier

Alternatively, you can donate directly to Leao



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