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Since being posted by seemorerocks.is, this shocking info has been it seems, swept swiftly beneath the proverbial carpet. Unsurprizing given that the truth on the real fallout from the medical treatment foisted on us for 3 years met with the same fate
. Total cover up.

So recently, Liz Gunn of former mainstream renown, who was a television presenter here in NZ ... she interviewed the young man, Tim Baker, who willingly shares his credentials should you doubt his reliability. He was also born and raised in one of the flood affected zones in the Hawke's Bay, so he knows the locals well. He also spoke from his own week-long on-the-ground experience there in the Esk Valley, plus he cites the evidence of three other witnesses whose proximity to the carnage is even closer; two of them are workers of high rank in NZ's emergency services. Tim has known one of these men all of his life. The other he's known for 5 years. He trusts their word. He also speaks of the experience of one policeman working at ground zero so to speak.

So summarizing some important points from the video Tim said when he drove up the Valley he found total carnage. Cars upturned. Caravans in trees. Roofs of houses caved in. The water had risen higher than the houses. The people he cites said they had dug up a car from three meters down in the silt to find bodies in it. Another car dug up from one meter down still had its headlights on. They also found bodies in attics where people had tried to escape the rapidly rising water, only to find themselves trapped. Bear in mind, not one bit of this detail has been shared in mainstream media.

Tim also describes, as conveyed to him, the state of the local morgues. The Hastings Hospital morgue normally holds 10-20 people, and at the time of his speaking was filled to capacity with 60 bodies, some now on the floor. There was he said, a temporary morgue set up at the Napier Port that contained a hundred bodies, full to capacity. They had also run out of body bags.

Add to this the article citing an anonymous helicopter pilot who spoke of seeing from the air, hundreds of bodies in the water.

Mainstream has told us there are officially 11 people dead from Cyclone Gabrielle. At last count I heard on the news, there were just three people unaccounted for. A number that's dropped steadily over two weeks from 6K to 3K to 1500 to now 3. There has been absolutely no mention of the above info, alternatively we've been warned by Hipkins and others on the 'news' about the now time-worn 'conspiracy theories' regarding numbers of deaths. This is the familiar go to to cover up the truth (in case you hadn't worked that out by now).

When Tim first made all of this information known publicly he said folk were angry with him. He realized why he said, when he heard the actual mainstream news. They figured he was lying as it didn't match mainstream's version.

Folk need to ask themselves, why ever would he lie? What would he have to gain aside from a lot of abuse? In the interview they do deliberate over why mainstream has been silent, perhaps to keep from alarming folk? In this situation however it's hardly productive to keep the info hidden. Folk need closure. To those of us who have been following the hidden agenda for years, we know it is not so innocent as being considerate.

Since this interview took place, Liz was arrested (and assaulted it appears) and her cameraman's camera smashed. Do you not find this unusual? This is not the NZ we once knew. It gets more ugly with the passing of time. 


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