Liz Gunn with Ash Tanner Mayor of Matamata NZ

Liz Gunn interviews Ash Tanner, Mayor of Matamata. He can tell you from the Mayoral/council end of what unfolded as this new what looks like, grand theft emerged. The usual initial 'we want to help you' soft touch which quickly develops (when the soft touch is seen to not be working) into the full blown jack boot behaviour we're seeing increasingly, especially since the plandemic. Now the truthers among us (I being one of those) have warned of this for years & been blown off as conspiracy theorists. Well now at least folk are seeing it's not CT. It's fact. Better educate yourself & prepare. Read Richard Prosser's recent warning ... he also spoke from his experience of the inside ... inside the beehive. A change of government will do zero in terms of change. They are all on the same page. It is why they switched to MMP. They diluted your vote to remove even more of your power. They are centralizing the Health System (what's left of it) to govt control come July and the same will be happening with the water if they get their way. Have you noticed how Councils 'consult' you then do what they intended all along? Take a look at our sister Rangitikei site ... the LG Watch tab, in particular Horowhenua. It's been happening for a long time. TWNZ





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