Liz Gunn with Sue Grey Lawyer

Do watch Sue's live streams (links below) ... very telling in terms of how she is treated. TWNZ



In this update, Sue Grey outlines this openly un-democratic show of force by Waikato University, one of NZ's main institutions. The University only allowed the 3 main franchise-party candidates to speak and didn't allow Sue to have her voice heard, using nonsensical reasoning. In fact, in the Tauranga by-election, there are 12 candidates who are running, so only 3 of 12 were invited to speak!! An unbelievable restriction of open debate in New Zealand. The University used intimidation by utilising security boofheads to force Sue to leave. She was not allowed to promote her candidacy. Please share this with any eligible Tauranga voters you know!

Sue will be at Tauranga primary school tonight (Thursday 16th June) from 7pm-9pm to speak about Mental Health.

To donate to the Sue Grey trust fund account that pays for legal fees for activists: ASB 12-3209-0158558-50

Sue's 2 Livestream videos at the University:

University contact to complain
Phone:0800 WAIKATO ( 0800 924 528) or 07 838 4176
Monday - Friday am - 5pm
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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