SEEMOREROCKS: Back in February news came out that an embalmer had discovered rubbery clots while embalming the vaccinated.

Here are some of the items from back then.

Morticians Discover Horrifying Anomalies While Embalming the Vaccinated

February 1, 2022 With each passing week, concerning information regarding COVID-19 vaccines continues to surface. Attorneys revealed the Department of Defense covered up massive spikes in cancer, miscarriages, and neurological damage post-inoculation. Center for Disease Control representatives logged more than 21,000 fatalities directly attributed to mRNA injections. European Union regulators issued a warning stating coronavirus shots destroy the immune system. Disturbingly, individuals in the postmortem industry are no exception to sharing startling public admissions. They recently came forward and shared their horrific discoveries in corpses of the vaccinated.


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