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Do you know what’s being injected into us in the name of keeping us safe from Covid? I’ve got two videos for you to watch, for which I’ve done transcripts. This is mind boggling. I know you will probably have cognitive dissonance about this, but I urge you to watch the videos.

The first video is by Dr Matt Shelton, a NZ doctor who is trying to understand the inexplicable and raise awareness of nanotech in the vaccines. He spoke on parliament grounds on the 18th February 2022 regarding undeclared nanotech components found in COVID-19 Vaccines.

The second video is a talk by Dr. Andreas Noack, an Austrian chemist who was one of the foremost experts on graphene in the world. He explained what graphene does to the body. He died just after releasing the information.

Here’s the transcript of Dr Matt Shelton, which starts at 01:24.

… And doing their own testing to a high scientific level. Now, in some areas of science, this is ordinary technology. Now, I have seen it with my own eyes down a microscope, but as have others better qualified to me to understand what they’re looking at over the last several weeks. And that’s why I am here today. To tell the truth.

VIDEOS AND TRANSCRIPTS AT THE LINK (note the second Doctor died four days after releasing his video) :

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