Stop the presses! CARY GRANT "died suddenly," of a STROKE (in 1986)!

More bio-fascist propaganda meant to NORMALIZE the current global plague of "sudden deaths" post-"vaccination"


As this unprecedented global spike in “sudden deaths” grows ever harder to conceal—with Ray Liotta, and TWO famous British drummers, Andy “Fletch” Fletcher of Depeche Mode, and Alan White of Yes, all having their untimely “unexpected deaths” reported just today—“our free press” struggles, ever more transparently, to make it seem as if this (real) pandemic isn’t happening.

They’ve been doing it for months, primarily by running scores of articles highlighting pseudo-scientific “findings” that all sorts of things can kill you and/or your children: SIDS, “SADS,” “generic heart problems,” hot weather, cold weather, fish oil, environmental noise, birth control, skipping breakfast, sadness (“Broken Heart Syndrome,” fatal to women!), referees’ whistles (which only now are killing soccer players worldwide!), pizza margherita (which only now is fatal to Italians!), etc., etc.—anything and everything except the “vaccines” that have obviously caused this freaky uptick in all-cause mortality on every continent.

And now we have the “news,” headlined by the Daily Express (UK), that Cary Grant “died suddenly” of a stroke—36 years ago! The intended takeaway from that moronic “story” (ostensibly a helpful rundown of the “warning signs” of stroke) is that all those strokes now felling healthy people in unprecedented numbers everywhere have not been caused by “vaccination,” since Cary Grant died of a stroke, and he wasn’t “vaccinated,” so “vaccination” hasn’t caused a single stroke in anyone (and to say otherwise is dangerous “disinformation”).

For sheer stupidity, this propaganda gem is in a class all by itself—a marvel of illogic even more impressive than the notion that there “obviously” can’t be any Nazis in Ukraine, because its president, Zelensky, is a Jew. But propaganda works by hitting us somewhere below the forebrain, so that even folks with high IQ’s and doctoral degrees (or maybe them especially) are out there fiercely parroting that line about Ukraine; so maybe other formally “smart” people will now tell us, or each other, or themselves, that the “unexpected death” of Cary Grant in 1986 is “proof” that “vaccination” is not causing fatal strokes worldwide right now.

On the other hand, that line may be too dumb for anybody to believe, especially right now, as this unprecedented global wave of “sudden deaths” grows into a catastrophe so vast and vivid as to be quite literally undeniable, except by people clinically insane.

Cary Grant: 'Devastatingly handsome' star died suddenly from a stroke - warning signs

CARY GRANT, who can be seen in the 1941 Oscar-winning psychological thriller Suspicion, on BBC Four tonight (Thursday, May 26), sadly passed away in 1986 after suffering from a stroke at the age of 82. Having made a living as one of Hollywood's top leading men, here we examine the shock condition that ended his life, and what factors may have brought on the condition.


20:00, Thu, May 26, 2022

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