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Grant Dixon's statement at the end of the video:

"This makes a lie of the government's repeated statements saying that the vaccinations prevent you from being hospitalised and dying. They may not prevent you from getting Covid, and that's for sure, because most people who are getting Covid are vaccinated. But this also shows that it's a lie that people are prevented from going to hospital and are prevented from dying. These government provided facts show that 75% of the people who are dying are vaccinated in some way. And almost 40% of people who are dying are boosted for goodness sake. And 60% are either boosted or double vaccinated.

This is terrible, and this is a tragedy, it shouldn't be happening, and it's time for the government to own up and admit the facts and stop pretending that this isn't the case. This whole vaccine programme has been a disaster. It's a disaster here in New Zealand, and it's a disaster all around the world. It's about time the government owned up and admitted that things are not as they said they were, that the vaccine programme has been a disaster and the vaccine programme appears to be causing people to die as well, not just from covid, but from other diseases as well. There's a whole lot of unanswered questions here and the answers need to be given. It's time to own up. It's time to change the direction of this ship. It's time to confess that they made it wrong and they need to put it right and own up that this vaccine programme is damaging and hurting a lot of people here in New Zealand and around the world."

Source, Grant Dixon, You Tube:


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