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New Zealanders, please ask yourselves about the suddenly dead Kiwis – Is this normal? Is this acceptable? New Zealand is not the only nation living through the highly unusual phenomenon and recent evidence confirms a link with Covid-19 injectables.

We have posted numerous articles on Sudden Adult (and child) Death Syndrome (SADS) and sent lists of recently-jabbed-then-dead Kiwis to police and Medsafe. They have utterly failed to investigate or act. 

Whether Kiwis realise or not, we are all part of a phase 4 clinical trial (also known as post marketing surveillance) for the Pfizer vaccine (novel gene therapy).  This was aptly stated by the former Australian Health minister Greg Hunt.

During post marketing surveillance, any new medical condition or death of a person who has received the vaccine, should be investigated and should be assumed to be due to the vaccine until proven conclusively otherwise.

However, our regulatory authorities appear to be approaching pharmacovigilance backwards – expecting proof beyond reasonable doubt about suddenly dead individuals that the vaccine caused the death or the new medical condition.  From what we have been told, in many cases of death or new medical condition, the vaccine status of the person is not even considered.  In fact, even 6 months after the vaccine rollout commenced NZ coroners did not have access to the immunisation records of the deceased.

This is a new type of medical treatment (a gene therapy), never before used in healthy people and still in an ongoing phase 3 clinical trial (as well as phase 4).  There are many unknowns and as much information as possible about human outcomes should be being gathered.

We have collated a list of suddenly dead New Zealanders, mostly from media reports in public newspapers​​​​​​​, who have died over the last 18 months, many of them young and involved in sports.

Now obviously we don’t know the medical histories and vaccine status of some of these people but if 90% of the population is vaccinated then the odds are that most of them have been vaccinated.  We are merely being curious and asking questions as physicians and scientists ought to.  What we want to point out is that if they were vaccinated, the vaccine should be on the list of possible contributing factors and if the cause of death is ‘undetermined’ it should be assumed to be due to the vaccine. 

Even if the cause of death is documented as a ‘heart attack’, ‘blood clot’, ‘cardiac arrest’, ‘suicide’ or ‘autoimmune condition’, the next question should be WHY – could the vaccine be implicated in the development of these conditions?

How The mRNA Injection Could be Leading to Suddenly Dead Kiwis

mRNA vaccination and subsequent production of synthetic spike protein can cause acute blood clots in any vessel including:

  • coronary arteries leading to a heart attack
  • leg veins leading to a pulmonary embolus (PE – blood clot in lungs) if they dislodge
  • brain arteries leading to a stroke

It can cause inflammation in vessel walls leading to weakening and bulging (aneurysm) or bursting (rupture) of the vessel.  mRNA vaccination can also cause myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) which may lead to a fatal arrhythmia.

These events could all manifest as collapse or a suddenly dead Kiwi with no prior warning symptoms. 

Suicide has been implicated in a couple of these deaths.  Does anyone know, or has anyone studied, what influence this novel gene therapy can have on mental health?

We would like Kiwis to ask: Is it normal that New Zealanders (many of them young and healthy) should be found unexpectedly suddenly dead while participating in their activities, while at work, at leisure or while driving?  Who should be asking questions?  Who should be investigating – the coroner, Medsafe, the Minister of Health, the Police, the Director General of Health?  We have written to all these people asking for explanations and have been ignored.  It is time others joined us and asked for answers.

We are not the only ones concerned about a rise in all-cause mortality and wondering whether the covid injections could be related.  John Dee, a former head of clinical audit at a busy UK NHS teaching hospital who also previously headed a statistical modelling section as a G7 government scientist has recently written an article about increased mortality closely following vaccination rollouts in the UK.  His plain English summary is that covid injections are mirrored by excess deaths about 5 months after their administration.

A List of Suddenly Dead Kiwis We Consider Unusual and Worthy of Thorough Investigation

What are the odds of two surfers suddenly dead, from medical events on the same day, in the same region while doing the thing they love?  Presumably they were fit and healthy to be surfing in the winter months.

Mike Milne (68), surfer and firefighter, died on Wednesday 24 Aug 2022 from a presumed medical event while in the water.

Brent Hall (40s), another surfer was found dead near his vehicle later the same day.

And these two aren’t the only surfers to have died suddenly.  Another young surfer Jamie Civil (37) died suddenly earlier in the year while surfing off the Dunedin coast.  According to the newspaper it is believed he was knocked out by his surfboard, but could he have had a medical event while in the water?

What about the champion snowboarder Rupert Smith (41) who was found dead on Mt Hutt last October having apparently suffered from heart failure?  Since when did champions develop heart failure and drop dead on the slopes?

Or the young football player Lee Moses (29) who suffered chest pains during practice and died after an unexpected heart attack. 

Rugby player Taniela Moa (36) suddenly dead following a medical event in Dec 2021.

Sulamai Lavea (48) a rugby league player passed away from a heart attack on Saturday 11 Dec 2021 in Brisbane.  He had walked up the ‘death stairs’ during fitness training and collapsed on the second level.

Nick Hobson (41) suddenly dead after swimming across Cook Strait in February this year.  He had completed the swim which included swimming with dolphins but collapsed and died after the event.

Mike Salase (39) was a rugby league player.  He died on 10 Jul 2021 having suffered a medical event while playing league in Broadwood, Northland.

Hayden Goodrick (38) sailor suddenly dead on 8 Jun 2022 while he was competing in America. He experienced chest pains between races and while being transferred to medical care collapsed and later died. 

Olivia Podmore (24) cyclist died unexpectedly in the Waikato on 9 Aug 2021 “I was the last person to see her alive. If you had seen her in the last 72 hours, you wouldn’t have thought this could happen.  That’s why there’s so much talk about mental health at the moment.” 

A Baradene College student (12) collapsed and died while out on a run.

Amanda Kidd (50) suddenly dead on 4 Apr 2022 in a workplace ‘accident’ unloading skip in a quarry.  She was apparently unloading a skip filled with soil at the end of a working day. Exactly what happened next was unknown other than it was sudden and she didn’t go home that night.  Did she suffer a medical event?

Piata Tauwhare (30), from Hokitika 28 May 2022 died in tanning booth in Wales.  According to news reports she had collapsed and was found dead two hours later.  How often does this happen?

A female student was found dead in a Lincoln University Hall of Residence in July this year.

A 7-year old boy died in a Hawkes Bay town in August 2022.  He was in Oranga Tamariki care and died after being found unresponsive at his home address.  His death was being treated as unexplained.

There are also young people dying of unusual, rare autoimmune conditions.  Luke Kypri (19) was a student at Otago who died after a short illness labelled hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), which has an incidence of one case per million per year.  Chances are he was vaccinated since he was at university and his father Professor Kypros Kypri was a public health scientist involved in the Australian pandemic response. 

We note that Condition 5 of the original provisional consent for Comirnaty (the Pfizer vaccine) specifically questioned the possibility of autoimmune conditions developing as a result of vaccination. “Any homology between translated proteins (other than the intended spike protein) and human proteins that may, due to molecular mimicry, potentially cause an autoimmune process should be evaluated.”

Single vehicle accidents are also leading to suddenly dead Kiwis.  Is the possibility of a medical event with collapse at the wheel being considered?

Sean Wainui (25) rugby player died on 18 Oct 2021 following a single vehicle accident.  It was being treated as a possible suicide.

Aidan Nicholson (17) died in a motorcycle accident on his way to school in July this year.

There were a number of odd water-related deaths’ over summer.  They weren’t referred to as drownings.  Three people died in the North Island on Boxing Day.  A man in his 70s died near Waipu in January 2022.

Suddenly Dead

We are fully aware that people do occasionally suddenly die.  But suddenly dead due to a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke generally occurs in older people with obvious risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure etc.

In the absence of such risk factors, it is very rare for sudden death to occur.  When it does, it is often presumed to be due to an abnormal heart rhythm if nothing is forthcoming on autopsy. 

We state that unexplained sudden death in young fit people does not usually occur in the numbers and situations documented above.  We also state that if these people were vaccinated, the vaccine should be implicated unless another cause of death is convincingly proven.

We are also aware that there are many more suddenly dead Kiwis no longer with us whose passings did not  get mentioned in our newspapers and whose deaths should be investigated.



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