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From the Health Forum NZ

These stories are featured on the Health Forum NZ's website.Yes these stories are real. There are Vax injured here but mainstream media never mentions them and it would appear, prefers you don't learn about them. Why else do we have a deafening silence from them? Why else are they working hard at vilifying anybody or any group that tries to air them?

Thanks to Lynda Wharton she and her team have done the interviews and recorded the facts. Do share these so others will know who have still perhaps not taken the jab. You will not get fully informed consent here in NZ. Any spreading of the very many possible side effects (including death) as listed on the FDA's website at the outset of the plandemic, those were removed from Facebook smartly. Mainstream media never mentions them ... they are far more serious than a sore arm and a temperature. TWN



Lynda Wharton: Please don’t ever forget them

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