Mark Crispin Miller

Note his logic: “We didn’t know then that COVID’s really just a flu; so it was pretty scary that the world, including the United States, didn’t go on alert nearly as fast as it needed to.”

And yet, funnily enough, Dr. Fauci, of all people, did know that COVID is ‘kind of like flu,” as he noted in February, 2020. So Gates’s “experts” weren’t in touch with Dr. Fauci?

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Former TV1 presenter Liz Gunn interviews Winston Peters on the two year trespass notice issued to him recently by Trevor Mallard. A frank and honest discussion that reflects how many NZers are feeling right now about current events and the direction our country is taking. TWNZ

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Mark Crispin Miller

A detailed summary of the fires and explosions that have lately cut the US food supply:

Food shortage—by design

The impact of such sabotage has been augmented by the ongoing massacre of poultry all around the world, to “slow the spread” of “bird flu” (a drastic step based on another criminal misuse of PCR for diagnostic purposes):

Bird Flu Has Led to Over 22M Chickens, Turkeys Being Culled in U.S.

“President Biden” is now paying farmers not to farm (while Bill Gates snaps up ever more farmland in the US and elsewhere).


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..."You really couldn’t make it up, could you?"

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Why do I blame the conspirators? Well, when NATO put a missile base just 100 miles from the Russian border they must have known they were poking pins into the Russian bear. Didn’t anyone think ‘Cuba’? And just to make sure that there was a decent war, Biden supplied Ukraine with missiles to fire at the Russians.

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Force the adversary to expand recklessly in order to unbalance him, and then destroy him. This is not the description of a judo hold, but a plan against Russia elaborated by the Rand Corporation, the most influential think tank in the USA. With a staff of thousands of experts, Rand presents itself as the world’s most reliable source for Intelligence and political analysis for the leaders of the United States and their allies.

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We’ve got until the end of 2022 if we’re Lucky

Sir Klaus Schwab (knighted by the queen for services to conspiracy) is eager to move on with the Great Reset. And so are his co-conspirators. They know that they’re now very close to victory.

The covid fraud terrified, demoralised and trained the naïve and the ignorant and initiated a mass of jab induced illnesses and deaths. The climate change fraud has created a population filled with false anxiety. And now the deliberately manufactured hysteria over the Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered massive shortages of fuel and food that will result in hundreds of millions of deaths. The hysteria was composed, orchestrated and conducted by the usual media suspects, with the BBC and The Guardian in the vanguard. The BBC long ago stopped being a provider of news and became a propaganda unit – denying, suppressing or twisting the truth with pride rather than regret or embarrassment. (When the BBC proudly announced that it didn’t interview doctors questioning vaccination it abandoned all claims to be a news organisation.)



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"The deliberately inaccurate reporting by New Zealand’s mainstream newsrooms of police breaching the peace to eject the Freedom Occupation means such news outlets have separately, and together, breached section 240 of the Crimes Act, which deals with crimes of deceit." Steve Edwards

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James Corbett on the fake war news (from both sides), and the existential hazards of the zero-carbon fantasy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 04 Mar 2022 18:40 EST

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Ross Ardern, JA's father, presides over Tokelau. These folk have even had their phones confiscated. All achievable because these islands are far from mainstream view. Intimidation at its finest.

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A video from December 2021 from 's Rumble channel, on point today with her total dismissal of protesters in Parliament grounds. Ardern says "they are not a majority". Problem solved then?
Ardern has long been exposed as a socialist and totally complicit in the globalist agenda which fyi is about a one world government aka dictatorship. If you thought otherwise, like, a happy clappy globalist village, keep in mind one should not be requiring coercion and police state tactics like we've seen in NZ today, to usher in one of those. TWNZ

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‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’
(Nelson Mandela)

From Masking children is not indicated and a huge threat to child well-being, while masking anyone against a virus is of doubtful efficacy.  In a move of gobsmacking immorality, the New Zealand government has mandated masks for children from Year Four upwards while ‘the red traffic-light setting’ is in place.  This means that children from as young as seven or eight will be forced to wear masks for hours on end in the classroom, and also on publicly funded school trips.

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Saru G performing live at the MAD Theartre (pronounced thee-artree), Love Vibration Mani-Fest. A beautiful, three-day freedom-festival full of like-minded, awake, freedom and music-loving human beings. Huge respect to owner/ manager and incredible artist, Nganga for creating a space for us all to thrive in these crazy times.

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An investigative view of NZ's Prime Minister Jacinda Adern. She is not how she presents.

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To ‘make people smile’ … this Christmas season
… a new video release by hip-hop artist Stanley Pedigree.

Says Pedigree …

“I like to think of myself as a conscientious rapper…I want my lyrics to mean something, to speak about real life.”

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Good on Santa ... I'm sure he'll arrange an alternative method of delivery .....

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Wishing all TruthWatch followers


a peaceful, united

and blessed Christmas season...!!

however and whatever

you celebrate

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Do listen to this beautiful version of Silent Night:

Thanks to Tj Taotua


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"Other estimates of underreporting on CDC's VAERS site much higher"

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From The Health Forum NZ: "I have recently been on a couple of zoom meetings with Stallone and have listened to her story in detail.
Her life is in absolute pieces."

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A freedom rally in Wellington Thursday 16th Dec, 2021. A great success by reports I've seen and heard. Of most note is whore media's ongoing lying. They reported there were just a few thousand ... people on the ground estimated a whopping 20 to 30K. People have had enough ... enough of all the inconsistencies, the lies, the silence on the independent data and the deaths on the citizens register. Currently 271. TWNZ

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Trust is crucial for acceptance of AI and gaining the
social licence to use its full potential. This trust is built through open and honest conversations with
the people who will be affected by AI."
That word again ... 'trust'. Recall any convos with the esteemed govt of the day about this? That transparent govt that is your 'only source of truth'? I certainly don't recall any such convo. Do listen to the video as the (real) plan is laid out for you, from the perspective of a Kiwi living in the US. TWNZ

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"Assange's "trial," as Celia Farber puts it (see below), is nothing more than "ritual sacrifice, in plain sight now." For there are no legal grounds for what they're doing to him."

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