Turkey earthquake damage Feb 2023

A documentary produced by Samantha Edwards, posted by Counterspin Media

HAARP and the Turkey & Syria Earthquakes - "PEOPLE HAD TO DIE & IT'S NOT OVER YET"

Important points raised in the video include the 3 day delay in sending outside assistance (notably UN's minimal response-many more lives would have been saved had help been earlier), the video evidence of strange pre quake anomalies that are clearly documented to be evident prior to previous major quakes including NZ's Christchurch quake, a 'not normal' absence of an epi-center to the quakes, a concluding speech from a from the SOS Romania Party Senator, the documented capabilities and use of Haarp technology, the withdrawal of official reps from Turkey  (France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland)  just days prior to the quake with no evidence as to why. A must watch especially if you are new to the possibilities of man made disasters.TWNZ


Counterspin.HAARP and the Turkey Syria Earthquakes PEOPLE HAD TO DIE ITS NOT OVER YET

Samantha Edwards Reports #2:

Nord Stream, the Turkey/Syria earthquakes, - and today, we wake to the news of yet another environmental disaster in Ohio.

Were these events truly accidents, or natural disasters, as they are being presented as?

Would governments, and the powers that be ever perpetrate such heinous assults against their own people?

Samantha Edwards believes they would, and that they have been doing so for years. In this video, she takes a look into circumstances behind the Turkey and Syria earthquake devastation, and into the possible use of HAARP technologies.

And a rousing speech (at 23min27) from Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă from the SOS Romania Party supports the view that these earthquakes were the result of a techtonic weapn attack.


Study Raises More Serious Questions About The Christchurch Earthquake Who Knew It Was Coming And Why?


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