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One way to subvert these hellish "exercises" is to make the world aware of them beforehand

On September 20, I wrote a post highlighting a video by one Jason Shurka, warning that a 5G signal could be broadcast worldwide on October 4 (or, failing that, October 11), with what may well be an apocalyptic purpose.

After I wrote that post, and as I was about to put it up, I found that Shurka’s video had been “removed by the uploader”; and so I figured that the video was wrong, or fake, or otherwise mistaken, so I let it go.

But Greg Reese has just revisited the issue, and so compellingly that I am moved to post this warning after all. His case is strengthened by Todd Callender’s elucidation of precisely what that 5G signal would let loose inside the bodies of the “vaccinated”—i.e., the Marburg virus, among other pathogens, in order to bring on that “zombie apocalypse” which has been cinematically foretold for many years, and which the military has, in fact, been planning for. (Reese’s video also includes the gist of Shurka’s warning.)


It sure sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But if, back in (say) 2019, someone had forewarned of a “pandemic” in the works, followed by a “vaccination” drive that would have deadly consequences all around the world—a process that would devastate society, explode the world economy, wipe out basic human rights and turn the world’s “free press” into a global Ministry of Truth—you surely would have called that “crazy,” too.

So let us pay attention now, and share this warning far and wide, to get many, many people taking the precautions recommended here:




Anyone who trusts this government to warn us all of any REAL emergency has been asleep since 2019 (or 9/11)

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