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From thecrowhouse (Max Igan)

Max Igan always has a finger on the pulse of world events, like Icke, he has long been observing the activities related to the long term plan of the self-titled, so-called, 'global elites'. They are of course, anything but elite. 

The latest item of great importance is their tweaking of the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR). As inferred by the title 'Five Minutes to Midnight' time is short. Basically if you read the Mercola article (last link) then it is plain what the intent is. And so, as Max provides a running commentary on events to date, there are relevant clips included.

You may or may not agree with all of Max's (or Icke's) philosphies on life, however their information on the (not) elites is up to date and on point. It is not possible we all agree on everything but right now is the time to cast aside differences of opinion and unite on the one front that recognizes the fact that they aim to control us in a way that is far from kindly (if control and kindly could even be part of the same sentence). These people rely on their ace 'divide and rule' card to succeed. Should all wake up to the plan & refuse to comply, the plan would be toast.
There is a clip in this video featuring a man who poses the question, do we all just pretend it's not happening? Pretend that they are not really trying to kill us? Reflected satirically in this video. And if you still really doubt this I suggest you sub to NYU Professor, Mark Crispin Miller's substack platform. He is documenting all those sudden unexplained deaths, including NZ's. 

Following is a rough transcript of Max's info in order of topic:

Setting the IHR tweaks in context, he mentions the LGBT agenda and just why that is being pushed so hard right now. It can be traced right back to Soros funding. He has things so rigged that funding depends on pushing that agenda. On that topic Aussie schools are mentioned, being the MO for indoctrinating your little ones. At 15 mins into the video a 10 year old girl is sent home with the homework assignment of questioning her father about his erections and ejaculation. A gentleman is seen in a clip (in Parliament?) calling the Andrews government to account, disgusted at the material children are being taught now in schools. The drive as Max points out, is for your kids. And he asks, who signed off this curriculum? Schools simply respond to questions by saying 'it's the curriculum'. (This homework topic comes a little further on in the video). LGBT is being pushed as part of a depopulation agenda. 

Fluoridation is discussed. An essential dumbing down ingredient that began in the 40s and 50s, post WW2. Used during wartime, fluoridated prisoners required less guards than non fluoridated. This era was the beginning of Big Pharma's influence. The pharma drugs and the 60s parents. 

A further shooting incident in Australia, leading predictably to greater gun control/confiscation etc. All concurrent with moves to obtain Aboriginal lands, mining 'rights' and so on. Basically these events, as we saw with the plandemic are forerunners to greater societal controls.

It is intended that the amended IHR will synthesize with all signed up countries' constitutions (and all are signed up) enabling complete control. As discussed currently in the US (as a news clip points out) not one country is objecting to these amendments. The US is all for it. Max points out, unless someone intervenes our sovereignty will be lost and it will be a done deal.

Returning to the LGBT agenda and Target (US store) who lost billions of dollars when their promotion of the agenda backfired. You will see the clothing line they promoted for children featuring images of Baphomet and other Satanist symbols. Then there is an ad for LGBT Lego, followed by the homework incident with the little 10 year old girl. On that topic but a little further on, a uni student describes how she scored zero in an assignment that was otherwise good, except she mentioned 'biological woman' in it. Not ok, not allowed. 

The fifteen minute cities is discussed. An advertisement in Job Seeker for a Smart City administrator. Discussed also is the push to have cars eliminated from central city areas (Australia). (I've seen this proposed in places in NZ also). 'The plan' is to eliminate gas driven cars altogether... hence the push for electric cars which we can already see are not eco friendly & seem to frequently blow up. Max points out if the 15 minute cities were for our good they would be putting appropriate infrastructure in place, instead they are setting up surveillance cameras and check points.  

Growing food / farming should be banned as it is bad for the environment. Will we eat 3D printer generated fake food? Bugs? etc. 

Also discussed is the nano tech now found in the jabs. Detected even in graveyards in persons deceased. There is voluminous evidence now that the contents of the said jab are not what we were told they would be... safe & effective & preventing of transmission. 

Basically the plandemic has been a huge test to show the leven of compliance that populations would exhibit. Not rocket science how well they fared with that exercise.

There is more on the vid but I believe I've captured the main points. Listen if you can. There is a second video that covers similar info here, interview with 'Cafe Locked Out'.  Other topics touched on are the ability now for corporations to raise their power charges 60%. (Corporations rule of course). Kids in school are blatantly taught they must 'obey the government'.  The Aussie fires discussed and (like NZ with the recent floods) the discrepancy regarding numbers deceased or lost, between local on the ground counts and those of official government figures. 

Finally, elsewhere in the video Max refers to the contents of the jab and in particular the topic of payloads. He is speculating, as are many, as to the MO. On that topic then I will point you to the recently deceased Dr Rashid Buttar who speaks of payloads and the possible connection with 5G (that forbidden topic ... now we see likely why it has been). You can see the late Dr Buttar's video at the link below:

Final Message from Dr Rashid Buttar

Max's shownotes & links below his videos. See at the link. 





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