male breastfeeding baby

By Ian Wishart, guest writer @ Counterspin Media

Disturbing ... withdrawing your child from sex education classes won't make a dent in this sick warping of your children's minds, it is woven throughout their overall curriculum ... since 2020 (an interesting date) ...  a must read, must share. See Max Igan's info also on who funds this push. Max cites the incidence of a 10 YO girl being sent home with the homework assignment of questioning her father about his erections and ejaculations. Interesting also, in light of the above image, that not so long ago a pediatric journal was telling us breast feeding is 'not natural', and not so long afterwards Gates was investing in lab-made breast milk.
Postscript: I really dislike this post. It is insidious what they are doing to the children. Please be clear, I am not anti any gay, trans or whatever PEOPLE... it is the Davos lot, they do not care about trans folk... they are mere pawns in their agenda. Same as they don't care about brown people. Soros funds these movements to achieve their desired end. They are not for us, not ANY of us. They refer to us all as 'useless eaters', or the 'herd'... in other words, mere cattle. TWNZ




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