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Note: we posted recently, the deaths of animals in zoos and elsewhere. TWNZ

The original bi-colored version of this essay “Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock” is here.


Declaration of intentions

mRNA “Vaccines” : a code name for nano-metallised and, more importantly, nano-graphenised “Vaccines”?

Biodegradable Dendrimer Nano-particles in the New mRNA “Vaccines” 

New mRNA “Vaccines” surfing on Dendrimers: with or without Graphene?

Bayer: mRNA “Vaccines” for Animal Health

Merck: mRNA “Vaccines” for Animal Health 

Graphene and Chitosane in “Vaccines” for poultry

Graphene in “Vaccines” for fishes

Graphene in “Vaccines” for cattle

Graphene in “Vaccines” for zoo animals


The Peoples are threatened by the warp speed Orchestration of a Pandemic Famine

Declaration of Intentions

Currently, in France, and in so many other countries, while waiting for hypothetical and miraculous anti-flu “mRNA vaccines”, farmers continue to euthanize tens of millions of poultry… so that they cannot die infected by the flu…


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