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The NZ Herald reports on the judge’s ruling … “…the safety of the vaccine has been proven medically and by the courts”.

This outcome is very sad yet unsurprising … a precedent is being set…as I wrote in this post, if they make this concession for unvaccinated blood, it will affirm in the public eye that they acknowledge some risks with vaccinated blood. That's a no no. They need to enforce their ongoing narrative that the CV VX is 'safe and effective'.

The NZ Herald in true lamestream reporting style has as usual, sprinkled their article with the emotive label, 'anti-vax' which thinking folk know is propaganda. This stand off is about the right for parents to choose. The fact that they personally decline the experimental injection is beside the point here. Still, they must preserve the integrity of the donor service. That clearly takes priority. (And that of the 'safe and effective' experimental injection).

The NZ Herald reports (excerpt):
"A lawyer for the blood service, Adam Ross KC, on Wednesday described the request for that order as exceptional and without precedent. Ross said it would jeopardise the integrity of the donor service and open the door to ethically and clinically bankrupt requests regarding donor blood.

”It is a concern that an order like this can damage and will damage an excellent blood service,” he said.

”There’s also a slippery slope element to it.”

White said the safety of the vaccine has been proven medically and by the courts."

Note: Anyone who has the scientific research data illustrating that "the safety of the vaccine has been proven medically and by the courts" we would be very keen to see it. TWNZ


Baby blood donor vaccine battle: Judge rules in favour of Te Whatu Ora, child placed under court’s guardianship for surgery

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You could also consider contacting Herald and asking them to publish the peer reviewed studies proving the safety of the vaccine.


The Hepatitis-C contaminated blood scandal that affected citizens in Australia and New Zealand over 20 years ago and is still yet to be investigated

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