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Whoops! As you can see from the blank patch above, while they may have ummed and ahhed for a couple of days, the Youtube censors have taken down this and other videos by Dr John Campbell. We are living through dark times!

Thank goodness for Rumble and other free speech platforms. We can still bring you Dr Campbell's video...

It is time for apologies, resignations and for the honourable knight to fall upon his sword.

A call to all doctors and health professionals:


The research evidence is abundantly clear that you were duped, lied to, coerced and bribed to inject these unsafe, ineffective experimental and improperly and incompletely tested mRNA drugs for your patients, including children and pregnant women.

The door is still open for your redemption, as it has been for Dr Campbell and other world-renowned experts who once endorsed these drugs, but they no longer accept these drugs are safe and effective. They are forgiven and welcomed by us. So, how about you? Are you prepared to acknowledge that you made mistakes? Are you willing to say, "Sorry, now let's roll up our sleeves and do all we can to put things right"?


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