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Here are two of Max Igan's latest videos. He speaks of the current stats and other related topics ... Max always gives an overview, where we've been, where we're going, the latest insanities of the 1% and so on. Official stats, which as we know are vastly underreported, state that 3.2 million are vax damaged (c-19 experimental jab) ... with 62,450 dead following the jab. That is for EU, US, UK, Aus, Canada. Re underreporting the figures it's estimated would be out by 40-49 times. So, very conservative estimates at 10 times out, say 32 million have been injured and over 624,500 have died. Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, 25-year veteran, highlights the real and now obvious effects of the jab in an interview with USAWatchdog.com. She cites a naturalnews article (that I've not been able to locate as yet) and it estimates 10,000 per day are dying world wide, and that to date there have been already up to 12 million deaths. Going forward we will see she says, more auto immune diseases and more cancer (cancer already reported by Doctors to have spiked since the jab rollout). That video is also well worth the watch as she goes more deeply into things than I can describe here. TWNZ


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