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From Mark Crispin Miller

Still more graphic evidence that "COVID vaccination" is now doing to humanity what "our free press," 2+ years ago, kept warning us hysterically that COVID was about to do to all humanity

Over the past several weeks, a tweeter who uses the nom de guerre “Aqui Ahora” (“Here Now”) has posted fifteen videos of people keeling over—eight of them in China, and the others in Vietnam, Pakistan, Peru and elsewhere throughout the world (including Orlando, Florida, site of a small plane crash that surely killed all those on board).

Could these videos be fake? Of course. But I don’t think they are, since (a) faking scenes so realistic, and in such far-flung locations, would require a budget far beyond the means of, say, Children’s Health Defense (whose people wouldn’t do that even if they could afford it); and (b) images of “sudden death” contrived for propaganda purposes would not be imperceptibly released by some lone tweeter with relatively few followers (and then belatedly reposted by a marginal “conspiracy theorist” like Mark Crispin Miller), but published thunderously, all at once, by such big “reputable” outlets as the Guardian, the New York Times, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, the Sun, the Mirror, the Telegraph, CNN, the BBC, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, the Atlantic, and many, many other outlets all throughout the world, along with countless hirelings, bots and useful idiots on “social media”—which is exactly how those bogus images of people “dying suddenly” of COVID, in the streets of Wuhan, were propagated back in January of 2020.

Whereas those images, though clearly fake, were seen by everyone, with catastrophic consequences, these images have been seen only by a few—also with catastrophic consequences, since they comprise still further evidence (and often pretty graphic evidence) that “COVID vaccination” has turned out to be the killer that, according to “our free press,” COVID is, or was.

So let’s all do our best to share these videos, in hopes of finally getting those who’ve had their eyes wide shut so far to see what’s really happening, right now, throughout our world, and, therefore, to all of us:

Note how, before they each collapse (one falling under an approaching train), the young men in these first three videos all slowly turn their heads, then start to twirl around, arms weirdly raised, as if hallucinating something flying around them:


TWNZ comment: try searching the obituaries/death notices in your own area. I have and note many deaths, more than you would normally see. Almost daily. At the link to this article, some of those single Twitter videos have lists of videos of their own. See also the comments at the source link below for insightful info on why three of the people pictured look up & spin around before collapsing.

Photo: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (text added)

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