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If the deaths were caused by COVID, this would be front page news. But when the deaths are from the COVID vaccine, it isn't newsworthy for some reason.

Executive summary


A skilled nursing facility (SNF) with an average of 152 residents administered the COVID vaccines to employees and residents on Dec 28 & 29, 2020. Between Jan 2 and Jan 20, 2021, approximately 42+ residents died. The management had to interrupt the staff’s holiday to call them back to work due to all the deaths.

Here’s the kicker: In all of 2020, this facility had ZERO COVID deaths.

The average in-SNF annual mortality rate at SNFs is 7.8% (see Table 3).

That means that the chance of seeing 42 or more deaths in a 20-day window with 152 residents (where we’d normally see .65 deaths) is given by:

>>> poisson.sf(41, .65)

In other words, this is not simply a statistical outlier. There is absolutely no way these deaths weren’t COVID vaccine related.

There was no news coverage of this and nobody has ever leaked this story to the press.

Until just now.

Stay tuned… I’ll reveal the name of the facility shortly

I will publicly reveal the name of the facility shortly so that everyone can verify what I just reported. The facility is located in the US and I’ll provide detailed information about the facility when I reveal the name.

But right now, I’m still collecting additional evidence. I would love to hear how they respond to the allegations. The source of my data is from one of their employees.

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This is not an unusual story at all


I just talked to a charge nurse in a facility with 100 residents (half in long term care, half in rehab care). When they rolled out the vax in late 2020, they had 12 deaths over the next 2 months afterwards. There were 65 people in the facility at the time who got jabbed. Normal death rate expected is 7% annually. So they had 12 deaths when there should only have been 1 death.

I’ll be interviewing this charge nurse on video on August 11, 2023.

Got a similar story?

If you have a similar story to this one, please report it here.

Here’s one of the responses I got showing that this nursing home isn’t unique at all:

Hi. I’m filling in this form, as these two cases are significant, in one home 2/3 of residents died, in the other 1/3, shortly after receiving the vaccines. It was blamed on a COVID outbreak, of course. I have no connection to these homes and no inside information, I just remember reading about them - in both homes they had no deaths throughout all of 2020, until the vaccines were rolled out starting in December 2020.

Two-thirds of residents die in Covid outbreak at Lincolnshire care home
(this article followed the narrative)

24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections

The last article cited a whistleblower (James) who came out and exposed that it was the vaccine causing the deaths, including a video).

His video is available here. He testified that:

“After being injected with the mRNA shot, residents who used to walk on their own can no longer walk. Residents who used to carry on an intelligent conversation with him could no longer talk. And now they are dying. “They’re dropping like flies.” (Full article with video.)

Guess what? None of the people who didn’t get the vaccines died. Yeah, that’s right. Only the people who got the vaccines died. Exactly the opposite of what people were told.

Could this data be wrong?


Of course, but if you don’t like that data, there are other, more well known examples to select from with statistically “impossible” effects.

From the comments:

  1. SOA data

  2. A convent in Kentucky was one of several that had zero Covid deaths until the vaxes were given. That was Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg, and the first vax was given Feb 1; two nuns died Feb 3rd, another on Feb 10th, and I am fairly rsure I came across a later story about 2 more deaths. I wonder how many they have had since then, there were only 35 nuns there.

  3. 20,000 doses of the COVID vaccine created 23 new suspicious deaths in Norway which is an excess death rate that matches my often cited 1 in 1,000 excess deaths per dose. This is much less than the current example, but a 1 in 1,000 death rate is far from acceptable; it is 1,000X higher than the “safe” level.

  4. Heath Freedom Ireland video shows these two charts which show an “impossible” rise in deaths if there is nothing new that is causing it.


Screenshot 2023 08 12 at 11 43 03 BREAKING Over 25 of elderly residents of a SNF died within a 20 day period after getting the COVID jab in December 2020


What this means


There seems to have been this huge rise in excess deaths when the COVID vaccines rolled out worldwide in December/January. That rise in excess deaths is not explainable through normal statistical variations.

Think I’m making this up?


If you trust the authorities and believe that I’m making this story up and you are confident that the vaccines are perfectly safe, you can bet against me here ($25,000 minimum wager).

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Go ahead... get your COVID booster. Nothing to worry about. These are all coincidences.


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