This morning I have listened to a short video on NZ's real suicide statistics. Shocking!

It is told by Brian Tamaki, and whether or not you like this man, he is speaking truth and blowing the whistle. Please listen. He was told the true statistics by a person who is in a position to know, but who remains anonymous as they have been gagged. They are not allowed to talk about the stats.

It's been known for some time that the NZ authorities have not made available the stats for 2021. They are normally on the government website. In fact, according to this whistleblower the shocking stats since this lockdown is, that 696 people have ended their lives!

Worse though, as if that is not shocking enough, 66 of those were children! Aged between ten and fourteen years old!

And we are told also (yes it gets even worse) ... that para or attempted suicides that had averaged 40 per month  and are now at 90 per month!

Brian refers also to the escalating child poverty and homelessness and the state of our country in terms of fast growing loss of freedoms.

Be aware also, this statistic means the loss of life to suicide is by far greater than the supposed loss of life to covid. So why is this insanity continuing?

Listen at the link while it remains, I dare say it will shortly be censored off FB.


Lockdowns Double Attempted Suicides In 10-14 Year Old NZers


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