A few weeks ago I mentioned at EWR that changes were coming.

Since then I’ve been posting a lot of information here in preference. Those of you who are aware of the current heavy censorship of all things relating to either the CV or the CV VX, will also be aware of even heavier censorship being imminent. You will likely also be aware that this is all a warning sign of impending tyranny. A government that imposes such draconian suppression of free speech and censorship of independent science is well and truly along that track.

Many of you will have been experiencing sadly, a noticeable divide as friends and family withdraw from you and your seemingly bizarre viewpoints. None are so blind as those who will not see. However don’t allow that to divide you, and don’t despair, you are not alone. Converse with those who agree with you. Visit the sites that provide truth. There are many. (Voices for Freedom is one, connect there to folk in your geographical area, plus avail yourself of their excellent professional resources. The Health Forum NZ is another, on Facebook & MeWe, providing sound medical articles, info and support. The NZDSOS comprising MDs and other health professionals who are also providing independent information, articles and video interviews on topic. Also more recently is United for Freedom .. they are attempting to provide a hub to unite all truther groups and individuals, resisting the divisive drive that is going down).

All that said, further ‘unacceptable’ info around those ‘forbidden topics’ and your freedom of choice will now be posted here. There will likely also be unexpected site down times coming. Just so you are aware.

Note also, I have returned at EWR to posting more info about natural health & healing. Also about growing your own food and all things related.

Thank you for reading.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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