Note the Chief Scientist (like all of these corporate liars) knows his stuff and will not state publicly that the vaccine is safe for kids ... listen to how he sidesteps the pressing interview on camera...

So 'mobidity' as in, how many died already. Cold comfort. Remember that vaccine companies were given absolution (no liability) for any adverse events following their Vaccines. Remember also what Utah's Chief Medical Examiner says about proving any connection. Remember that corporations have won more rights under law than people have - rights which government has protected with armed force" (Richard L Grossman and Frank T Adams). Remember your NZ govt in January this year ahead of the rollout gave indemnity to Pfizer for claims for damages. So if it's so safe why?

Finally, remember this regarding the hundreds of ACC claims already? TWNZ

Listen at the link (Via the Health Forum NZ @ Facebook) :



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